Clearing Up Etiquette Confusion

Etiquette rules have always been around.  Like us, they have evolved with changes in society and technology.  At the core is the on-going conversation about the ways we show up recognizably respectful.

My goal is to explore how these rules can become personal guidelines for courteously civil professional and personal lifestyles.

As a body of "how-to" knowledge, tapping into etiquette helps you navigate any situation gracefully.  Discovering how etiquette applies to you will bring confidence and help you feel comfortable whether you are meeting someone new, hosting an event, mingling at a party, or dining at a formal table.  But be careful—becoming etiquette-ful is addictive!

I conduct customized learning sessions and trainings for your workplace, university, sponsored group, or conference.   

Providing a relaxed, fun, and informative learning experience is always top priority!  Read what some participants gained by attending my training sessions.

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Let's get rid of the confusion surrounding etiquette rules and get on with our business of life.  After all, life is waiting and we have a lot to look forward to!