Being Recognizably Respectful
and Other Active Values

Friends Taking a Selfie

Your personal style, behaviors, and interactions reflect active values that you wear on your sleeve for all to see.  Far more than positive words alone, your consistency of kindness and cheerfulness will add to the efforts of “getting it right”—that is, of feeling good that others may well experience your politeness and civility, as recognizably respectful.

What I love about the word etiquette-ful, is that it is accomplished in an intentionally self-selecting spirit.  Being an etiquette-ful person means that the individual chooses to be that person.  It is not an imposed state. My Etiquette Blog is meant entirely to offer ideas and suggestions. It is not to talk about etiquette or politeness in absolute terms. One can only imagine what it is like to live in someone else’s skin.

The words respect and consideration alone don’t necessarily inspire action.  How do you want people to feel about you or your organization?  Most likely you want to be seen as actively living the things that you value.  You want your active values to be apparent.

Have you ever written a personal mission statement for your life?  The company you own or work for is no doubt mission driven. Mission-driven organizations are values-oriented.  How about persons?  Do the values you hold reflect daily in all that you do?

For fun, I took a look at Etiquette for the Business of Life’s Mission and Values Statement written some time ago.  I wanted to see if I was living the vision and values of my company, personally and professionally. My mission and values are:

  • To promote a free and civil society by teaching/learning etiquette skills that empower individuals to cultivate a manner of mindfulness in social and professional interactions.
  • To help others gain comfort and confidence in their professional/personal interactive skills of civility by aiming to offer the BEST version of themselves.
  • To live in active imagination always ready to answer the question, “What’s it like to be on the other side of me?”

Living Your Active Values

Now it’s your turn.

  • Which active values serve and distinguish you as a person?
  • What are key ways in which you show up recognizably respectful?
  • What question would you ask yourself as a test of where you are in the moment?

Defining our beliefs, priorities, and what we value in living our days can only be demonstrated through our decisions and behavior.  And only you can be you.  We live and learn together and can, indeed strive to make it a better world.

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