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Silent Moments as an Etiquette Skill

We all use silent moments from time to time to reflect on circumstances and collect ourselves, considering what needs to come from us in the next moment.

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How (and Why) to Check the Way You Say Things

You don’t hear yourself the way listeners do. So, the way you say things, your tone, facial expression, and body language are as important as the words spoken.

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Being Etiquette-ful When You’ve Made a Mistake

If you’ve made a mistake, you are presented with the perfect learning opportunity. But unless you learn from your mistake, you are destined to repeat it.

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Rebuilding Communications with Family Members

When the ties that bind us reach a breaking point, we know that rebuilding communications with family members is a priority.

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Etiquette for Making a Complaint

When making a complaint, do so in a straightforward manner and kind tone. It’s easier for all involved to learn something could be better or needs correcting.

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The Personal Power of a Smile

If we go through our days focused on solutions and aiming for positives, it is inevitable that we tap into the power of a smile, putting our best self forward.

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Giving and Receiving Productive Feedback that Encourages Growth

Every day spent with other people presents the opportunity for giving and receiving productive feedback. And both instances encourage growth of character.

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Eye Contact is Crucial in Communication Success

Eye contact along with a relaxed facial expression is one of the best methods of acknowledging someone. It is a vital component of every meaningful conversation.

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Handling Obligations When You Are Overbooked

When you are overbooked it feels like you’re moving at warp speed with no breaks in your day. Read on for tips on finding at least a little more balance.

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Talking with People Who Are Living with Dementia

Tips for communicating with someone who is living with dementia. And they happen to be at the core of every good communication.

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How to Etiquette-fully Interrupt Someone

We’re taught from a young age not to interrupt someone. If you know what it’s like to be interrupted, you know waiting your turn is the polite thing to do.

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Etiquette as Awareness

A state of awareness brings about mindfulness and intentionality in thoughts and actions. It brings a sense that we are helping make the world a better place.

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Putting Out the Fire of Embarrassment

Embarrassment can cause you to forget your etiquette-ful self. It distracts you and sets you up for even more. But it can also present learning opportunities.

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When You Refuse to Change Seats with a Fellow Passenger

The request to change seats on a plane or train is bound to happen considering the number of people who ride them. Are you always obligated to comply?

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How Do You Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes?

We often hear about the importance of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes to understand and empathize with their circumstances. But how do you do this?

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Signs that You Should Disengage a Conversation

Have you ever felt you should disengage a conversation sooner than it ended? When you think, “Wow, that went on too long!” it’s time to recognize the signs.

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When to Exit a Conversation and How to Do it Gracefully

There are many reasons to exit a conversation but all of them are because you need to place your focus – or your physical presence – somewhere else.

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How to Handle Interruptions from Others

Are you constantly dodging interruptions? Dealing with them comes down to what is most respectful to not only the interrupter, but to ourselves.

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Conversation Topics to Shy Away From

When I ask students which conversation topics should be avoided, their answers rarely differ. Find out why, and when, to shy away from certain subjects.

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An Etiquette-ful Mindset Mantra for Success

Getting through a day isn’t always easy, but a mindset mantra might help. Create one based on your belief that you are valuable and important.

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