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How to Be the Perfect Tablemate

Dining with Friends

Dining should be an enjoyable experience, and the perfect tablemate brings a chance to connect over delicious food and good company.

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Bringing Out Your Best Behavior

Welcome Greeting

Being on your best behavior goes beyond following a set of rules. It is about being mindful of situations and people around you, respectful, and considerate.

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Teamwork at Work

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is a vital skill in today's workplace. Teamwork at work isn't just about going along with the crowd; it's about contributing to a shared goal.

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Deal with Office Gossips and Help Tame the Rumor Mill

Taking a Gossip Break

Unfortunately, we all must deal with office gossips at some point – or several times – during our careers but there are methods to make this a fairly easy task.

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Why a Diverse Workplace Wins

Diverse Business Development Team

In today's interconnected world, a diverse workplace isn't just a feel-good notion, it's a smart business decision leading to innovation and a competitive edge.

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Effective Communication in Business Interactions

Project Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business interaction. But simply getting your message across isn't enough.

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Use Small Talk to Master Networking

People at a Networking Event

Use small talk to become a networking pro. Mastering the art of casual conversation allows you to build rapport and leave a lasting impression.

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Make Yourself a Valuable Employee

Working Woman at Her Desk

In a competitive work environment, the best way to stand out is to make yourself a valued employee. Hint: the right work ethic and attitude will set you apart.

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Strategies for Dealing with Toxic People

Toxic Person Gossiping

Most of us have experienced dealing with toxic people. But fear not, there are strategies you can employ to protect yourself and maintain your well-being.

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When Words Won't Change Minds, Should You Agree to Disagree?

Argue or Agree?

The phrase "agree to disagree" often emerges as a last resort. But is it simply a cop-out, or can it be a valuable tool for maintaining peaceful coexistence?

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A Guide to Starting a Relationship

Starting a Relationship

You feel a spark, and the idea of something more fills the air. Starting a relationship is exciting, yet it can also feel daunting. Where do you begin?

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Master the Moment and Make a Good First Impression

Making a Good First Impression

A good first impression happens in an instant yet lingers long after. Learn how to navigate any first encounter and leave a lasting positive impact.

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Breaking the Ice: Conversation Starters for Parties

Starting a Party Conversation

Parties are a great way to meet new people, but finding conversations starters can be a chore if socializing isn’t your favorite pastime.

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Dealing with Pushy People: Reclaiming Your Boundaries and Inner Peace

Dealing with Pushy People: Reclaiming Your Boundaries and Inner Peace

Interacting with pushy people can be draining, manipulative, and leave you feeling frustrated and unheard. Here are tips to help you reclaim your boundaries.

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Etiquette is Akin to Using the Right Tool

Using the Right Took

Using etiquette-ful practices and guidelines when interacting with other people is akin to selecting and using the right tool.

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Where Human Rights and Etiquette Connect

Giving Comfort

A person doesn’t suddenly embrace the huge concept of human rights. Rather, that understanding develops in context of being in relationship with others.

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A Little Better Than Essential

Businessman and Homeless Man

If being etiquette-ful means behaving yourself a little better than essential, what polishes can we add that help others in our day-to-day interactions?

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Setting Your Holiday Table

Setting Your Holiday Table

There is nothing more delightful for your dinner guests than setting your holiday table to reflect your family’s tradition and create a celebratory environment.

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Etiquette Contributes to Fostering Fellow Feeling

Two Men Collaborating on a Project

Fellow feeling sparks spirit and solidarity among individuals. It exists when there is a sense of camaraderie, sympathy, or shared understanding with others.

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Re-visiting Shaking Hands as a Salutation

Welcome Handshake

Dating back, some say, to the ancient Middle East, shaking hands as a salutation has served as a gesture of welcome, friendship, and expression of recognition.

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