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As hard as we try to exercise good judgement and use common sense, the fact remains: we never know what it’s like being on the other side of “me.”

This is the Great Personal Challenge as we try to do our part in living full lives in a free and civil society.

My purpose for writing The Etiquette Blog is to promote the on-going conversation concerning ways we can choose to show up recognizably respectful and civil.

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Parking Lot Etiquette

We all have experiences testifying to the anxiety Saturday shopping can cause. But even this occasion can be made less stressful when everyone observes parking lot etiquette.

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Accepting “No” as an Answer

Whenever you think you deserve a “yes” and are told “no” you probably shift into the attitude of, “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer!” Why is accepting “no” such a difficult thing to do?

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When You Can't Forgive

You view yourself as a kind, forgiving person and you hope to always be so. But something has happened, an apology was owed and has been given, yet you can’t bring yourself to forgive the person or the situation.

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Are You Using Your Inside Voice?

Has anyone ever asked you to use your “inside” voice? What they mean is that you are talking too loudly. It’s a not-too-subtle request to speak more quietly.

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How to Compliment Someone's Clothing

You probably enjoy receiving compliments because it means the personal statement you’ve created with your clothing is noticed and appreciated. But complimenting clothing can sometimes have a catch.

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Using Kindness When Sharing Bad News

Bad news has the power to change a person’s view of the future and will be immediately perceived in a negative way. But kindness can help lessen the immediate effect of stress and anxiety.

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Using Diplomacy to Create an Agreeable Situation

There is an art to navigating disagreements. Stand your ground? Give in to avoid an argument? Or exercise diplomacy and listen to your counterpart, doing your best to create a win-win scenario?

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Handbags, Bags, and Briefcases Appropriate for Meetings

Being uncluttered signals preparation and organization. Combining your handbag with a tote bag, briefcase, business backpack or computer bag frees one hand to open doors and greet others.

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Balancing Space and Life When You Work from Home

Balancing a shared household is a challenge when you work from home. But the challenge can be met with courtesy, respect for space and priorities, and willingness to compromise when needed.

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When Life Events Are Turned Into Object Lessons

Object lessons exist to teach us a better path. But when used as a response to something personal you’ve shared, they only serve to chill the conversation.

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Controlling a Situation vs. Being in a Situation

Unless they are controlling a situation, some people have no idea how to be in one. Etiquette guidelines allow you to know when all that is required is that you be present.

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How to Maintain a Civil Conversation

It is difficult to predict how someone may react to your opinion on a subject. Fortunately, there are etiquette rules of engagement that can help keep a civil conversation from going awry.

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Keeping Your Umbrella Use Etiquette-ful

Having an umbrella available is essential when it’s raining, or even on a sunny day. Let’s review the “must-do’s” of keeping your use of one etiquette-ful.

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Using Email Etiquette for Positive Information Sharing

Email etiquette calls for clarity and conciseness. The expectation is that information will be shared quickly and in the spirit of positive communication.

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The Criteria and Limitations for Being Candid

Being candid means being frank and open. It asks that you be free from bias, prejudice or malice. It also requires a scrutiny of what it is that you want to say, an examination of your motives.

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Three Phases of Conversation When Networking

Conversation fosters connection. When you know how to ease through each phase of connecting with someone, your networking skills will produce an array of acquaintances as well as new friends.

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Assisting Someone Who Has a Disability

Feeling sympathy for someone with a disability or impairment is common. But there are times when a communication or offer to help comes across as rude or condescending. How can we avoid this?

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Attending an Event as the Guest of a Guest

Unless you are an outgoing person, attending an event or party as the guest of a guest can be overwhelming. Time to put on your networking hat!

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How to Deal with Bad Listeners

You can strive to improve your own listening habits, but you cannot control others who are bad listeners.

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Addressing Someone with Correct Transgender Pronouns

Using appropriate transgender pronouns is not only appreciated, it’s etiquette-ful. Good manners indicate that we address a person as they would prefer.

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