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Efficiency and Effectiveness – How Etiquette Leads to Both

Etiquette promotes personal efficiency and effectiveness when socializing with others. It is about facilitating ease and helping others be more comfortable.

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Behaving Well is Not an Antiquated Idea

Showing up in a polite, positive, or good way means that you are behaving well. Yet some people have the opinion that etiquette is an antiquated idea.

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How to Have a Difficult Conversation

Using etiquette guidelines when having a difficult conversation will put you at ease. It can even help establish a better outcome than you anticipated.

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Being Nice and Kind Engages You as a Person

Being nice and kind are necessary for our sanity. When persons are described as both nice and kind, they act in ways that demonstrate consideration for others.

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Giving Flowers as a Meaningful Gift

Since ancient times, the act of giving flowers conveys a special meaning. Flowers provide a message for those who receive them in a language all their own.

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Overcoming Shyness Through Etiquette-ful Action

Shyness is a learned behavior, sometimes resulting from negative life experiences. But practicing etiquette skills can help you overcome wallflower tendencies.

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Spring Cleaning Negative Etiquette Habits

While you’re busy spring cleaning your home, think about the negative etiquette habits that could be holding you back. Ready to sweep those away as well?

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Camping Etiquette Guidelines

Camping etiquette rules are important to know whether an outdoor enthusiast or a novice camper. They’ll keep you safe, and in good standing with Mother Nature.

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Overcome Negativity with Your Thoughts and Words

It's not as easy to overcome negativity as we would like to believe. However, there is a weapon at your disposal. And it’s all in your head.

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Divorce and Maintaining Etiquette Guidelines

Respect. It’s the one word to hold onto when going through a divorce. The decision to end a marriage must accommodate a respectful attitude.

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Living with Intention is Etiquette-ful

Leading by example fosters the desire to be your best and calls for living with intention to model the behavior you’d like to see in others.

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How to Expand Your Social Circle

Expanding your social circle helps you link with people who like and respect you. It also provides ways to find support in a new city or your hometown.

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Etiquette: It's Just Common Sense

Good manners and good judgement make for common sense. And a healthy and civil society needs the unwritten rules of order that call us to our better selves.

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Choosing What to Wear for Any Occasion

Have you ever wished for a check-off sheet for choosing what to wear on any given day? There is a way to simplify how to dress for most occasions.

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Is Breastfeeding in Public Etiquette-ful?

Considering the etiquette guidelines of tolerance, respect, and empathy, is it etiquette-fun for mothers to nurse their children in a public environment?

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Good Manners Help Make Life Good, Too!

When you use good manners, your relationships will be better, your confidence will grow stronger, and your ability to be mindful and present will increase.

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Introverted or Extroverted? Personality Style and Learning Etiquette

Are you introverted or extroverted? How does your personality affect your etiquette practices or interactions with other people?

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Etiquette Evolves, But Its Original Purpose Remains

Etiquette evolves as culture and technology change. It offers guidelines for respectful behavior based on common sense, politeness, and concern for others.

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Focusing on Things Within Your Control

One key to living peaceably among others is to focus on the things within your control. In other words, avoid meddling and concentrate on your own affairs.

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Why Negative Self-talk Isn’t Etiquette-ful

We are all subject to negative self-talk from time to time. Acknowledging a disappointment is realistic, but beware the slippery slope of chronic negativity.

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