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As hard as we try to exercise good judgement and use common sense, the fact remains: we never know what it’s like being on the other side of “me.”

This is the Great Personal Challenge as we try to do our part in living full lives in a free and civil society.

My purpose for writing The Etiquette Blog is to promote the on-going conversation concerning ways we can choose to show up recognizably respectful and civil.

Check out the over 200 articles on The Etiquette Blog to find answers to your etiquette questions on table manners, your social life, and work environment and more.

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Do You Feel Inadequate by Comparison?

We all know someone we aspire to be like. That perfect person who has it all together. It’s one thing to have aspirations, but quite another to feel inadequate when comparing yourself to a friend.

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Common Condiments and How to Use Them

Salt and pepper are the most common condiments, but let’s not forget about sauces and relishes. While all these added seasonings can improve a meal, there are times when you might not use them.

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Are Traditional Place Settings a Dying Art?

Traditional place settings may make you think of an elegant holiday table or a simple family dinner. But are they a dying art? Or is it that family meals are evolving?

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Leaving a Proper Voice Message

Many people will do anything to avoid leaving a voice message. Whether using a cell phone or a landline with voice mail opportunity, leaving a proper message is the appropriate thing to do.

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Visiting a Place of Worship

Depending on the religion, the rules of welcoming newcomers and visitors to a place of worship can not only vary, but may be quite different. Be prepared for your visit with these tips.

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Picnic Etiquette for Outdoor Fun

Picnics in all their varieties are the perfect place to show off your knowledge of being etiquette-ful. Primarily for the simple fact that they occur outdoors.

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Integrity: the Cornerstone of Etiquette

When you stand in integrity, and act in a courteous, respectable manner, the people surrounding you take notice. They feel the sincerity and authenticity in your actions.

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How Parents Can Teach Gratitude

When parents teach gratitude, and the art of expressing it, they continue a tradition of giving and receiving in its most sacred form.

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Using Creative Gratitude to Say Thank You

While a thank-you note is always in order, you can switch things up a bit. Being creative in attitude and action when expressing your gratitude can even show that your feelings are authentic.

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Wine Etiquette

If you celebrate with wine, you never know when wine etiquette habits will pay off. As with most experiences, observing an orderly manner helps enhance your enjoyment.

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Should You Brush Your Teeth in a Public Restroom?

Excusing yourself from shared common space to solve a personal issue in private is most appropriate. But how does this apply if you use a public restroom to brush your teeth?

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Responding to Out-of-Character Behavior

Out-of-character behavior always carries a certain amount of shock value with it. As the saying goes, "just when you think you know someone . . ."

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Keeping Your Things in Their Proper Place

When spaces are shared, as most spaces are, having your things in their proper place not only maintains order, but creates a welcoming environment for everyone.

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When Etiquette Isn’t Cool

There are times when specific actions deemed etiquette-ful feel out of place. When etiquette isn’t cool, it’s usually because a formal gesture was being used in a casual situation.

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Men, Women, and Gender-related Etiquette

Gender-related etiquette may ilicit visions of old-fashioned gentlemanly gestures, but etiquette itself has evolved to the degree that civil behavior applies to everyone.

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Etiquette Tips for Public Speaking

Public speaking can make even seasoned presenters nervous. These tips can help keep you calm and your audience appreciative of every word.

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Why a Good Conversationalist Relies on Etiquette

Communication as a whole doesn’t depend on etiquette. But being a good conversationalist does.

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Etiquette and Online Dating

Online dating has become a popular way to meet a date – or a mate – in recent years. What role does courtesy play in this scenario? Has this evolution in dating caused etiquette rules to evolve?

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Dog Walking Etiquette

Whenever you leave home to take your dog for a walk, you enter the world of others. Not only are you now asked to be mindful of your own interactions, but the interactions of your pet as well.

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Hand Placement and Gestures that Create a Comfortable Presence

Your hand placement and gestures send many messages to other people. What are you revealing about yourself?

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