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Etiquette-ful Curiosity and Why We Should Practice It

Etiquette-ful curiosity is a good quality to possess. When you appear interested in others, you become more interesting as well.

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Politely Nudge a Response to an Email

It is appropriate to nudge a response to an email. The key is to do so etiquette-fully, keeping kindness and respect at the forefront of your reminder.

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Etiquette for Virtual Breakout Rooms

Virtual breakout rooms offer an opportunity to feel recognized and contribute to the overall experience of large video conferences.

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Hosting a Successful Virtual Party

Hosting a virtual party requires creativity. While celebrating is the underlying theme, you and your guests will not be in the same physical location.

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Facial Expressions are More Important than Ever

Facial expressions say a lot, which is why face to face communication has always been important. Do you know what your face is telling other people?

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How Mental Strength and Etiquette Help You Persevere

Maintaining mental strength calls us to engage our humanness. Etiquette calls us to show kindness and respect to everyone we encounter, including ourselves.

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Working from Home While Conducting Business Etiquette-fully

Working from home is has become commonplace, changing the communication methods of businesses. However, conducting business virtually isn’t always ideal.

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When Communicating Feels Like an Obstacle Course

Communicating feels frustrating without trust, a full grasp on the topic, or when there may be a trap in the conversation. How do you overcome these obstacles?

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Being Happy One Moment at a Time

Being happy creates a meaningful moment. Not worrying about the future is the way to go into that moment, which is the only next moment guaranteed to us.

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Leading Virtual Business Meetings

Virtual business meetings are one method for adjusting to current business practices. But they must be conducted well, or employees feel their time is wasted.

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Restart Your Best Self

The decision to restart your best self is a commitment you make just for you. But it creates the opportunity to benefit many more lives besides your own.

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Acting Ugly Leaves an Ugly Impression

Acting ugly is a term my grandmother used when someone was behaving in a negative way. But I’ve since learned that acting ugly is directly tied to attitude.

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How Introductions Are Changing

Introductions are a first step in conversation with someone you’ve never met before. But how do we properly introduce people in a now mostly virtual world?

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Why I Write “The Etiquette Blog”

A reader thanked me for writing The Etiquette Blog and asked, “What is the genesis of your blog? Do you think you’ll run out of topics?” Here are my answers.

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Passionately Dispassionate: the Etiquette-ful Stance

Being clear-sighted, or even passionately dispassionate, does not mean you give up feeling deeply, empathetically, or compassionately.

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Positive Influence Through Etiquette

Etiquette, as a tool of positive influence, relies on the subtle acts of kindness, courtesy and respect to persuade others to act accordingly.

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Your Personal Responsibility Toolkit

At our best, our actions reflect our values. Meaning we take personal responsibility for the actions we take, the reactions we have, and the words we say.

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Etiquette-ful Habits for 2021

The first step in strengthening any habit is identifying it and putting it into practice. What etiquette-ful habits do you want to grow stronger in 2021?

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Playing the Glad Game

As 2020 ends, there are bad things evident in our world. But what if, like Pollyanna, we play the Glad Game to find the good in negative situations we face?

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Airport Etiquette During and After a Pandemic

Our main priority when leaving home is remaining safe as we go about our business. Traveling is no different, which is why airport etiquette can be so helpful.

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