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How to Make an Effective Complaint

Complaint Form

The ability to make an effective complaint can lead to positive outcomes. The key to success lies in communication that is both assertive and respectful.

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Mastering Office Politics with Grace and Integrity

Business Project Meeting

Office politics is an unavoidable aspect of professional life. While it has negative connotations, understanding and navigating workplace dynamics is crucial.

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A Guide to the Perfect Picnic

Picnic Basket on the Grass

The perfect picnic offers simple pleasures that transcend the ordinary. It's a chance to disconnect from screens and reconnect with nature.

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Our 500th Article for The Etiquette Blog

500 Celebration

We’re celebrating our 500th article for The Etiquette Blog! We are proud of this work designed to be a personal, social, and professional curriculum for success.

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What to Do When You’re the Subject of a Rumor

Perplexed Woman Checking Laptop

Finding out you’re the subject of a rumor feels frustrating and hurtful. Before you panic, here's a guide to help navigate this sticky situation.

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How to Nurture Family Relationships

Family Time on the Beach

Family is the foundation of our lives, offering love, support, and a sense of belonging. But we must nurture family relationships for them to thrive.

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The Art of Applause – Clapping with Confidence

People Applauding in a Theater

The art of applause is showing appreciation that goes beyond a simple clap. It is a reciprocal relationship between performers and their audiences.

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There is Strength in Accepting People for Who They Are

Women in Business Meeting

In a world that often pressures conformity, accepting people for who they are can feel revolutionary. But what does acceptance mean, and why is it so important?

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How to Travel with Friends and Keep Your Friendship Intact

Friends Traveling Together

When you travel with friends and bring along civility and positivity, you can ensure your next friend-cation creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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The Difference Between Civility and Etiquette

Students Looking at a Tablet

Navigating social graces can sometimes feel like a complex dance. Two terms that often come up are civility and etiquette, but what exactly separates them?

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Flowers For Someone Special

A Flower for Someone Special

An important occasion often means flowers for someone special in your life. For flowers have a way of speaking a universal language without the use of words.

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Sharing Bad News in the Kindest Way

Receiving Bad News

Sharing bad news is never easy. But it is imperative to see the situation from the other side and know that kindness and respect are called for.

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Are Your Annoying Speech Patterns Keeping You from Being Heard?

Two Women Talking in a Cafe

Have you spoken with someone, and their annoying speech patterns are the only thing you remember? When something irritates us, a negative judgment follows.

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How to Be the Perfect Tablemate

Dining with Friends

Dining should be an enjoyable experience, and the perfect tablemate brings a chance to connect over delicious food and good company.

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Bringing Out Your Best Behavior

Welcome Greeting

Being on your best behavior goes beyond following a set of rules. It is about being mindful of situations and people around you, respectful, and considerate.

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Teamwork at Work

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is a vital skill in today's workplace. Teamwork at work isn't just about going along with the crowd; it's about contributing to a shared goal.

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Deal with Office Gossips and Help Tame the Rumor Mill

Taking a Gossip Break

Unfortunately, we all must deal with office gossips at some point – or several times – during our careers but there are methods to make this a fairly easy task.

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Why a Diverse Workplace Wins

Diverse Business Development Team

In today's interconnected world, a diverse workplace isn't just a feel-good notion, it's a smart business decision leading to innovation and a competitive edge.

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Effective Communication in Business Interactions

Project Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business interaction. But simply getting your message across isn't enough.

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Use Small Talk to Master Networking

People at a Networking Event

Use small talk to become a networking pro. Mastering the art of casual conversation allows you to build rapport and leave a lasting impression.

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