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Etiquette Evolves, But Its Original Purpose Remains

Etiquette evolves as culture and technology change. It offers guidelines for respectful behavior based on common sense, politeness, and concern for others.

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Focusing on Things Within Your Control

One key to living peaceably among others is to focus on the things within your control. In other words, avoid meddling and concentrate on your own affairs.

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Why Negative Self-talk Isn’t Etiquette-ful

We are all subject to negative self-talk from time to time. Acknowledging a disappointment is realistic, but beware the slippery slope of chronic negativity.

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Reaching Out – an Etiquette-ful Theme for 2022

Reaching out to other people allows us to offer comfort or support, reach for more experiences, and broaden our circle of friends. A new habit for a new year!

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Your Holiday Table

Your holiday table is a place to gather, enjoy a meal, and express good will amongst the friends and family members seated there. It's a time for celebration!

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Tackling Bad Habits in Personal Relationships

Using mindful etiquette affords an opportunity to witness your character in action. But there are bad habits that we need to recognize and strive to overcome.

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“Thank you” and Its Proper Responses

Saying “thank you” is core to our sociality and an automatic response to a courtesy or kindness. It is the etiquette-ful reciprocity that maintains civility.

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Greeting People - Whether You Like Them or Have Issues with Them

Whether in public or at a social occasion, your manner of greeting people carries many messages. And anyone listening or watching will immediately read them.

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Counting Blessings on Thanksgiving

The season of Thanksgiving brings opportunities for counting blessings. Looking back over the year and taking stock brings us to what is most meaningful.

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Quitting Your Job Etiquette-fully

Quitting your job is always challenging. It’s likely that many reasons have precedented your decision. However, ending gracefully should be the goal.

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A Review of Current Etiquette Best Practices

The subject of current etiquette best practices is fresh in our minds. Do we shake hands, wear masks, social distance, inquire if someone is vaccinated?

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Maintaining Etiquette-fulness with Relatives

Connected by blood or marriage, relatives add richness and value to our lives. And sometimes tension. Yet, cordiality is still called for.

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Pet Sitter Etiquette

Hiring a pet sitter is a given in our busy world. As devoted as you are to your pet, leaving them overnight will be necessary at some point. Are you prepared?

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Etiquette Creates Opportunities

Besides skills, knowledge, and networking, etiquette creates opportunities for success or advancement by making you the type of person others want to be around.

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When You Are Challenged with Your Own Negativity

Negativity is different than negative feelings. Feelings are pure – happy, sad – and tell us how we are doing. Negativity is a mindset, and worth overcoming.

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Should You Tell Someone Their Dining Habits are Disgusting?

Inappropriate dining habits are generally not recognized by the person committing them. Should they be told by you? Etiquette errs on the side of “not.”

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Communication is an Etiquette-ful Two-way Street

Communication occurs with responsibilities. Your words, energy, and gestures work together sending messages. But if not received properly, who is responsible?

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Imagining a World Wherein Everyone is Etiquette-ful

If everyone were etiquette-ful, what would our world look like? What if everyone aimed for peace and to be recognizably respectful in all relationships?

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Why Time Management is Etiquette-ful

Regardless of your age or profession, time management helps in living a rewarding life. Being mindful of your and others’ time is a responsibility we all have.

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When You Receive a Message Intended for Someone Else

People report that when they receive a message intended for someone else their first response is to delete it. However, the mannerly rule is to respond.

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