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Being Recognizably Respectful in 2020

Even while socially distanced, there is still optimism among the fear and skepticism. It is this optimism that propels us to be recognizably respectful.

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Etiquette Tips When We're Cooped Up at Home

For most of us confined at home, family roles have changed drastically and feel weird. But there are etiquette tools to employ before tensions rise too high.

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What to Do When We're Not Shaking Hands

Shaking hands is the most common greeting and gesture of good will. But how do you greet people and welcome conversation while mindful of health concerns?

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When Someone Lets You Down

It’s human nature to feel hurt, angry and even a bit betrayed when someone lets you down. But despite these feelings, consider your emotions and keep control.

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The Importance of Napkins

Napkins are an important tool on any table. More than a a piece of fabric, they prevent spill mishaps and serve as a signaling tool for hosts.

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Why Do Americans Eat Using a Four-step Method?

Americans eat using a four-step method, while other countries use two-steps. We Americans love our individualism, but why the difference in dining styles?

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Working Through Low Morale at Work

Low morale makes you feel alone and isolated, even among a group of people. Regardless of the situation, there are ways to work through it, or even overcome it.

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How to Handle Feeling Not Good Enough

We all face moments of being unsure of ourselves. Feeling inadequate or "not good enough" comes with the territory of being human.

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Etiquette Tips for Left-handed Folks

While many left-handed people have a unique style for performing certain tasks, there are etiquette practices for blending in.

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Always-do Table Manner Tips

As opposed to the things we never do while sharing a meal with others, there are things we should always do. Practice these at your next dinner party.

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6 Categories of "Never-do" Table Manners

Whether your table manners are sophisticated or a little rough around the edges, there are some things you should simply never do when dining. Do you know what they are?

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Etiquette Tips for Public Transit

Posted rules for public transit generally apply to safety and times of operation. But there are rules which are not posted: the etiquette rules left entirely to the individual for compliance.

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Discussing Health Concerns with Friends and Family

When you have a loved one suffering from disease, injury, or other condition, how should you receive and respond to the health information shared with you?

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Going off of Social Media

Some people reach their limit with online busyness and decide to go off social media. Fortunately, there are methods for disengaging while keeping connections intact.

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Why Text Messages Leave Room for Misinterpretation

While text messages are a convenient way to communicate, they also leave a lot of room for misinterpretation. But it is possible to circumvent this mishap.

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Is a Hostess Gift Always Necessary?

Whether it’s for a hostess or a host, a small gift is always in order when you’re invited to dinner, a gathering, or a special occasion.

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How to Be a Delightful Houseguest

An invitation to stay for a weekend, or a few days ensures lots of fun. But it can be a gamble whether or not everyone will leave as friends.

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A Meeting Agenda is a Show of Respect

Every meeting should be necessary and organized, otherwise it just feels like a waste of time. The best way to ensure this is to develop a meeting agenda.

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A Candace Smith Etiquette Thanksgiving

Tradition sets aside this time of year to practice giving thanks, to gather people together, and to acknowledge those who contribute to our lives and well-being.

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Leadership and Hosting are Analogous

When a leader assumes that his role will always involve hosting of some kind, respect and kindness are built into the equation.

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