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What "Respect" Looks Like

Respect is one of the most important words we can know. We feel it when we read or hear it. We know its significance when we use it.

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The Importance of Etiquette in a Civil Society

Within the conversations in our society regarding how to inspire better behavior, the word “etiquette” doesn't come to the fore often enough. But it should.

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How is Technology Challenging Civility?

Technology creates many opportunities, but there is a downside. It makes private reactions instantly public, creating a challenge to civility.

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On Wearing Masks

The choices on wearing masks have been a source of polarization. But polarization serves as an opportunity to re-evaluate our judgements and behaviors.

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Flipping Out from Overwhelm

When we have habits in place that guide us through negative emotions and interactions with others, our chances of flipping out are greatly decreased.

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Saying "I'm Sorry" Too Often

A sincere apology shows concern for correcting a situation. But saying “sorry” too often turns the word into an excuse and isn’t an apology at all.

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Dealing with Disgusting Mouth Sounds During a Meal

Is it appropriate to call someone’s attention to their annoying mouth sounds? As with most etiquette guidelines, the answer is related to the situation.

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How Should You Respond When You're Unfriended on Social Media?

No one enjoys feeling rejection or exclusion. When you learn that someone has unfriended you on social media is it worth it to find out why? Probably not.

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Email Sign-offs During the Pandemic

Correctly crafting an email sign-off requires that you consider the person on the other end of your message. A little lightheartedness can make someone smile.

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Etiquette and the Happiness Factor

Connectedness is the essence of happiness, and the happier you choose to be, the more confident and comfortable you are.

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Why the Difference Between Assertiveness and Rudeness Matters

There is a fine line between assertiveness and rudeness. It’s the same line that makes rude an antonym of polite. Once crossed, requires immediate correction.

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Celebrating 300 Articles!

Each of the 300 articles on The Etiquette Blog are discoveries in ways of interacting with others and navigating daily life.

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Responding to Someone Who Has Lost a Job

Knowing what not to say when someone has lost a job, or experienced other bad news, can be a helpful start in knowing what to say.

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Hands-off Friendly Practices that Make a Connection

Friendly practices are always in order even as we face the conundrum of being hands-off, yet attempting to connect with people.

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Etiquette Tips for Teleconference Job Interviews

Teleconference job interviews still provide visibility to assess qualifications and your preparedness for the interview is even more noticeable. Are you ready?

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Our World Needs a Civilizing Influence

We all are human beings, each deserving equal justice and treatment under our laws. And each of us is called upon to be a civilizing influence in our world.

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Virtual Dating Etiquette

In whatever form you’ve dated, now comes the challenge of not interacting in person. But virtual dating can be as exciting and effective as dating in person.

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Etiquette-fully Doing What's Best for Your Health and Safety

Today’s health and safety issues reflect concern about public policies and outcomes. And civil conversation can seem reserved only for those with similar views.

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What's More Important than the Handshake?

When greeting someone within a socially distant range, the handshake is (often awkwardly) skipped. But let’s not forget the other vital aspects of greetings.

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Video Conference Etiquette

As social creatures, we will find a way to meet and communicate even when distancing is the new normal. Video conferencing is a convenient solution.

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