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How to Handle Feeling Not Good Enough

We all face moments of being unsure of ourselves. Feeling inadequate or "not good enough" comes with the territory of being human.

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Etiquette Tips for Left-handed Folks

While many left-handed people have a unique style for performing certain tasks, there are etiquette practices for blending in.

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Always-do Table Manner Tips

As opposed to the things we never do while sharing a meal with others, there are things we should always do. Practice these at your next dinner party.

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6 Categories of "Never-do" Table Manners

Whether your table manners are sophisticated or a little rough around the edges, there are some things you should simply never do when dining. Do you know what they are?

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Etiquette Tips for Public Transit

Posted rules for public transit generally apply to safety and times of operation. But there are rules which are not posted: the etiquette rules left entirely to the individual for compliance.

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Discussing Health Concerns with Friends and Family

When you have a loved one suffering from disease, injury, or other condition, how should you receive and respond to the health information shared with you?

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Going off of Social Media

Some people reach their limit with online busyness and decide to go off social media. Fortunately, there are methods for disengaging while keeping connections intact.

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Why Text Messages Leave Room for Misinterpretation

While text messages are a convenient way to communicate, they also leave a lot of room for misinterpretation. But it is possible to circumvent this mishap.

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Is a Hostess Gift Always Necessary?

Whether it’s for a hostess or a host, a small gift is always in order when you’re invited to dinner, a gathering, or a special occasion.

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How to Be a Delightful Houseguest

An invitation to stay for a weekend, or a few days ensures lots of fun. But it can be a gamble whether or not everyone will leave as friends.

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A Meeting Agenda is a Show of Respect

Every meeting should be necessary and organized, otherwise it just feels like a waste of time. The best way to ensure this is to develop a meeting agenda.

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A Candace Smith Etiquette Thanksgiving

Tradition sets aside this time of year to practice giving thanks, to gather people together, and to acknowledge those who contribute to our lives and well-being.

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Leadership and Hosting are Analogous

When a leader assumes that his role will always involve hosting of some kind, respect and kindness are built into the equation.

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Is Chewing Gum Ever Appropriate?

Whether or not chewing gum is appropriate depends on its level of privacy.

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How to Avoid Rude Conversation Endings

Some situations call for a need to end a conversation before both parties feel ready. But how do you avoid having these abrupt endings come across as rude?

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Communicating with Someone Who Has a Hearing Loss

Over one billion people are deaf or have some degree of hearing loss. Odds are you know someone who is experiencing this.

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Why is "May I Join You?" Such a Powerful Question

“May I join you?” is an influential question. It is immediately friendly, but at its foundation it reflects understanding and consideration.

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Etiquette and Cultural Diversity

Technology and communication create boundary-breaking possibilities at an amazing pace. This trend calls us to celebrate cultural diversity and aim for acceptance and understanding.

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Ethics and Etiquette Go Hand-in-Hand

Both ethics and etiquette help us respectfully interact with each other. Both call on us to act morally.

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Tips for Remembering Names

Having trouble remembering names? Understanding and practice are the keys to helping the situation.

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