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Create Love Instead of Division

An effort to create love is easily thwarted when we act in ways that divide. If you repeat, or harp on a transgression, even close friends can be separated.

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Can You “Tell It How It Is” Without Being Rude?

We like someone who can tell it how it is because we think of them as honest. But when that honesty feels brutal, we wish those words had been sugar-coated.

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The Recipe for Success Contains Etiquette

Everyone wants to find a recipe for success. When we embrace getting along with others as the main ingredient, the recipe becomes a very simple one.

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A Table Manners Review - Because We're All Getting Back Together!

Giving yourself a table manners review once in a while is a helpful exercise. Even the most etiquette-ful among us can benefit from a refresher course.

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Does Your Tone of Voice Need a Tune-up?

Aiming to work on our tone of voice is a most etiquette-ful, polite thing to do, as it demonstrates self-respect and respect of others.

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Polite Reciprocals of Etiquette

Polite reciprocals are all around us if we take a moment to notice them. After all, reciprocity is one of the foundations of etiquette.

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Dealing with the Unexpected Death of a Loved One

The unexpected death of someone you love is not something you can ever be prepared for. Quite the opposite, in fact, as a dear friend recently learned.

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Is There a Place for Small Talk During Virtual Meetings?

Small talk during virtual meetings – or any meeting – introduces business conversation. It helps us find something in common, something on which to build.

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Tell Me What You Really Think

The invitation to “Tell me what you really think” is intended with an emphasis on “really.” Can you recognize when it is a trap or when your opinion matters?

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Hosting Dinner with Friends Again

Hosting a dinner with friends may feel a little awkward after the pandemic. But when your guests’ comfort level allows, let the good times roll . . . again!

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Duty as an Etiquette-ful Commitment

Our duty, as humans sharing a world, is to ensure that we all get along. Practicing etiquette helps us fulfill this obligation.

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Neighborly Etiquette When Maintaining Your Property

A story of a lack of neighborly etiquette was inspiration for this article. The moral of the story? To have good neighbors, we must also be good neighbors.

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Etiquette-ful Curiosity and Why We Should Practice It

Etiquette-ful curiosity is a good quality to possess. When you appear interested in others, you become more interesting as well.

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Politely Nudge a Response to an Email

It is appropriate to nudge a response to an email. The key is to do so etiquette-fully, keeping kindness and respect at the forefront of your reminder.

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Etiquette for Virtual Breakout Rooms

Virtual breakout rooms offer an opportunity to feel recognized and contribute to the overall experience of large video conferences.

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Hosting a Successful Virtual Party

Hosting a virtual party requires creativity. While celebrating is the underlying theme, you and your guests will not be in the same physical location.

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Facial Expressions are More Important than Ever

Facial expressions say a lot, which is why face to face communication has always been important. Do you know what your face is telling other people?

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How Mental Strength and Etiquette Help You Persevere

Maintaining mental strength calls us to engage our humanness. Etiquette calls us to show kindness and respect to everyone we encounter, including ourselves.

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Working from Home While Conducting Business Etiquette-fully

Working from home is has become commonplace, changing the communication methods of businesses. However, conducting business virtually isn’t always ideal.

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When Communicating Feels Like an Obstacle Course

Communicating feels frustrating without trust, a full grasp on the topic, or when there may be a trap in the conversation. How do you overcome these obstacles?

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