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Your Social Skills Make Others Feel More Comfortable

Friends Around a Campfire

We work on social skills and social wellness all our lives. These competencies facilitate communication and interaction in all our environments and relationships.

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Practicing the Skills of Deference

Sharing Information

When practicing deference in the positive sense, I yield, acquiesce, let you go first, act in respect. In the less positive sense, I submit, or am complaisant.

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Etiquette: It’s My Jam!

It's My Jam

Slang phrases are fun to use, and “It’s my jam” is one for me. It captures what it is about etiquette that makes me connect with the subject on many levels.

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When You Talk Too Much

Blah Blah Blah

You know you talk too much when you repeatedly say, “I’m sorry, I’m dominating the conversation.” It’s that moment you discover if you stop talking, you can hear!

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Important Social Decorum Rules to Know

Friends Celebrating

Social decorum is the knowable and often unwritten rulebook setting down appropriate social behavior and propriety—it’s all about etiquette and good manners.

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Etiquette Tips for Handling Anger at Work

Angry Boss

Handling anger at work isn’t always easily claimed. When an emotion is labeled as someone else’s fault, trouble is bound to follow. Etiquette to the rescue!

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How to Cheer Someone Up

Cheer Someone Up

Aiming for kindness, compassion, and positivity changes a person’s day. The core component for how to cheer someone up is an ability to recognize another person.

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Responding to Bossiness and Bullying by Someone Who Reports to You


In business etiquette, nearly everyone would regard bossiness and bullying as out of bounds. Balance of power issues in the workplace can feel intimidating.

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Learning from Personal Offenses

Feeling Left Out

When someone offends us, it usually plunges us into an emotional experience. But remaining mindful and learning from personal offenses will serve us greatly.

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Why "I" Statements are Etiquette-ful

Couple in a Car

“I” statements are etiquette-ful for communicating wants and needs because they help you remain clear, straightforward, and show responsibility for emotions.

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Making Memories in the New Year

Making a Connection

Memories hold the key to time, and as social creatures, our interactions with others are at the core of making memories.

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Etiquette for a House of Worship

House of Worship

Observing appropriate etiquette for a house of worship – church, cathedral, mosque, temple, etc. – requires knowledge of the religion and culture it represents.

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Notes of Appreciation Are Always Welcome

Writing a Thank You

It’s the season of giving and you’re thinking no holiday gifts would be a nice rule for yourself this year. But how do you have that conversation with others?

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No Holiday Gifts - 'Tis the Season for a New Tradition?

Holiday Scenery

It’s the season of giving and you’re thinking no holiday gifts would be a nice rule for yourself this year. But how do you have that conversation with others?

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Ghosting People is Not Etiquette-ful

Ghosting Someone

Ghosting people, abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation, is not a positive way to end or suspend a relationship. It isn’t etiquette-ful.

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Being Teachable is a Most Important Part of Civility

Young and Old Together

Lifelong learners most easily grow and change along with society, using curiosity to their advantage. Indeed, being teachable is an important part of civility.

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Silent Moments as an Etiquette Skill

Silent Moment

We all use silent moments from time to time to reflect on circumstances and collect ourselves, considering what needs to come from us in the next moment.

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How (and Why) to Check the Way You Say Things

Couple Communicating

You don’t hear yourself the way listeners do. So, the way you say things, your tone, facial expression, and body language are as important as the words spoken.

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Being Etiquette-ful When You’ve Made a Mistake

Made a Mistake

If you’ve made a mistake, you are presented with the perfect learning opportunity. But unless you learn from your mistake, you are destined to repeat it.

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Rebuilding Communications with Family Members

Family Reunion

When the ties that bind us reach a breaking point, we know that rebuilding communications with family members is a priority.

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