Testimonials for
Candace Smith Etiquette

Below is a sampling of statements of satisfaction and confidence shared by clients of Etiquette for the Business of Life.

Our university has hosted three etiquette dinners with Candace Smith.  The dinners have been outstanding, providing students with valuable dining etiquette and networking skills.   This year’s event was paired with Candace’s talk on “Etiquette and Economics: Teaching About Propriety,” highlighting the importance of treating others with dignity and respect in order to live in a free and civil society.  The lessons learned by students will serve them well in navigating future business interactions and in everyday life.  I highly recommend Candace for your event!

John Bitzen
Economist and Menard Family Director
Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth
North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota

Candace Smith came to an event sponsored by the College of Business, Political Science
Department and Economics department at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS). 
We were Blown away by her professionalism and approachability.  The target group was Juniors and Seniors in the relevant units, but we also brought in business partners from the University.  Many of our students were wallflowers as we started but Candace was able to quickly engage the entire room, and soon everyone was chuckling and smiling.  The feedback we received from employers and students was universally positive.  By the end of the event students were mingling with more confidence and even approaching some of the employers.  All this while dealing with some challenging appetizers (bacon wrapped shrimp and quesadillas).  We could not recommend Candace enough for any etiquette-based event.  We will be looking forward to having her come back each year to help our students!

Steven Pittz
Chair UCCS Political Science
Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Government and the Individual

Megan Mueller
UCCS College of Business Program Director of the Career Development Center

Joe Craig
Chair UCCS Economics
Director Emeritus UCCS Economic Forum

Candace Smith's visit to our organization to present her "Socializing at Professional Networking and Stand-up Events" session and to coach a 4-course Etiquette Dinner was a truly enjoyable, instructive, and memorable experience.  The goal of the evening was to help employees of all levels feel comfortable and accomplished in all sorts of business and social settings – from how to hold at a stand-up reception a plate, fork, napkin, and glass in one hand and shake hands with the other, to how to know which bread plate at a crowded table is yours.  I heard nothing but effusive compliments from my colleagues about Candace’s presentations and the tastefulness of the evening. Candace has developed a deep expertise in social etiquette and the practicalities of good table manners.  She was engaging, charming, and captivating with anecdotes.  Her polished demeanor readily puts her audience at ease.  The importance of honing social skills to foster competence and confidence in both professional and social settings cannot be overstated.  We are grateful to Candace for equipping us with these lifelong skills that will undoubtedly benefit us in our future endeavors.

Paul S. Atkins                                                                                                                                            Chief Executive                                                                                                                                      Patomak Global Partners, LLC                                                                                                      Washington, D.C.

Candace facilitated a reception etiquette training and formal dinner etiquette training for our program staff at IHS. Everyone who attended reported that they gained tremendous value from the training and enjoyed the speaker. As one participant reported, “Everything about this training was fantastic, including Candace!  She had a clear answer for every random question thrown at her.” Candace was wonderful to work with and really listened to our needs as an organization.  I would recommend her to anyone or any organization looking to improve their active on-the-ground knowledge as professionals!

Elizabeth Gargus
Specialist, Program Operations
Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University

Recently, students and faculty attending the Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Law Undergraduate Summer School at the University of San Diego had the privilege of attending etiquette training sessions conducted by Candace Smith. I must express my admiration for her outstanding delivery, which was both informative and enjoyable. Not only is Candace an esteemed authority in the field of etiquette, but she also possesses a remarkable talent for imparting knowledge in a way that engages and entertains her audience.

Right from the beginning of the class, Candace's enthusiasm and passion for her subject were infectious. Her warm and welcoming demeanor instantly put us at ease, fostering an environment conducive to active participation and inquiry. The invaluable insights and practical tips she shared ranged from the art of the handshake to navigating cocktail parties to engaging in conversation at the table.

Candace's teaching style is interactive, keeping all of us fully engaged throughout. Candace effortlessly and delightfully imparted important information about etiquette. Her expertise combined with her ability to make the learning process lively made a lasting impression on all of us. Several students commented to me that they not only had a lot of fun, but learned things they believe will help advance themselves in their “business of life."

Mary L. Rigdon
Director, Center for the Philosophy of Freedom
Associate Professor, Department of Political Economy and Moral Science
University of Arizona

Candace, I was so surprised and happy to have you guide us mentors and, more importantly, the students, through the hoops of the proper etiquette of meeting and greeting plus the proper way to participate at an important dinner or social event.  I knew something was missing in my attempt to help a mentee prepare for his future, and now I feel that I know much more to make sure that he is well-versed in other very important building blocks to his future success.  I am sure you taught us things that have not been taught in the home and we are all better off for your participatory learning events.  

Steve Halverson                                                                                                                                          Chairman of the Board                                                                                                                        Heartland Trust Company                                                                                                                        Fargo, North Dakota

I and my UAA business school and economics students recently had the pleasure of attending Candace Smith's etiquette training, and I must say it was absolutely fantastic and fun! Candace is not only a true expert in the field of etiquette, but she is also a gifted teacher who knows how to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

From the moment the class started, Candace's enthusiasm and passion for her subject were contagious. She made us feel comfortable and welcome, and her approachable style encouraged us to participate and ask questions. Her insights and tips were invaluable, and I learned so much about everything from table manners at gala events to professional networking etiquette.

Candace kept things lively and interactive. I never imagined that learning etiquette could be so enjoyable, and Candace made it a true delight.

Jim Murphy                                                                                                                                                  Professor and Rasmuson Chair of Economics                                                                                      University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)

The Business School's hosting of Mrs. Candace Smith for an etiquette dinner last Friday was an honor. Mrs. Smith, an experienced educator and instructor of “Etiquette for the Business of Life," taught Chapman University Argyros graduate students the essential skills for networking at professional events and the etiquette basics of fine dining at professional dinners. Thank you, Candace, for this amazing experience!

Henrik Cronqvist                                                                                                                                      Robert J. and Carolyn A. Waltos Dean and Professor of Economics                                                  George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University

It was a pleasure to host Candace Smith for an etiquette reception and dinner training at Texas Tech University. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching proper etiquette in professional business dinner settings made for a successful and enjoyable evening. The insight and encouragement she offered have truly prepared our student participants for various future social situations they may otherwise be anxious or nervous about. People often forget about or reduce the impact that our mannerisms can have on our business relationships. However, these details can actually make or break a person’s career. Candace provides a vital service for aspiring business professionals and anyone looking to advance themselves in the “business of life.” She is also a delightful person to plan these events with!  

Amanda Smith                                                                                                                          Administrator for Student & Public Programming                                                                            Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University

Candace Smith is responsive, punctual, collaborative, and a true joy to partner with!  The opportunity for students to receive etiquette training is rare.  Candace’s course was instrumental in helping me launch a new student volunteer program on campus.  Candace takes the time to figure out what you are hoping to accomplish from her services and then tailors training to your needs.  I look forward to working with Candace for years to come!

Kristina Coggins
Manager of Chancellor & University Events
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

We have invited Candace Smith for etiquette trainings for our students multiple times at different universities. Our students and industry walk away with an appreciation for good etiquette, manners, and find themselves laughing as they work their way out of their comfort zones and int an appreciation of the civility and respect that come with good etiquette.  Candace is an absolute gem as a person, too. Highly recommend!

Scott Beaulier
Dean, College of Business
University of Wyoming

Preparing to attend a course on etiquette can be daunting, as one worries about all the mistakes one might make in a highly public arena. Candace Smith removes that anxiety with her lovely and welcoming demeanor and her number one rule: the essence of good manners is not to judge others but to put others at ease. Students and faculty alike enjoyed learning and reinforcing social skills in a relaxed, informative, and non-judgmental atmosphere as Candace taught us how to set goals effectively, network successfully, greet others warmly, listen attentively, and yes—how to use our forks correctly. Highly recommended!  (A bonus on another day was an economics education presentation about Opportunity Cost.  Candace's role as a high school economics teacher paid off here for the students as well.  Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.)

Jo Ann Skousen
Director, Economics of Life Summer Academy
Held at Chapman University

We were fortunate to be able to bring Candace Smith to North Dakota to conduct an etiquette dinner for 54 students and faculty.  Her applied seminar on networking and dining etiquette skills was well organized, informative, and fun.  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from students and faculty on how valuable the experience was to them.  The skills our students learned from this experience will give them the confidence and ability to be successful in many future situations.  I can’t thank Candace enough for such a great experience!

John D. Bitzan
Menard Family Director
Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth
North Dakota State University

Candace Smith visited us in Northern Nevada and blessed us with her knowledge of etiquette and endearing personality.  In a short talk, she shared with our non-profit, Hayek Group, insights that more need to recognize regarding how etiquette, manners, and propriety provide the foundation for a civil and healthy free society.  In a 45-minute session, Candace offered training to about 20 of our University of Nevada, Reno college students on how to professionally meet and greet.  Many of the students have emailed me to express their gratitude for being able to participate in this training and hear Candace’s talk.  Candace is a gem of a person, who lives what she teaches and teaches what she lives.  I highly recommend her etiquette blog and her services.   

Mark Pingle
Professor of Economics, University of Nevada, Reno
President, The Hayek Group

During the pandemic, my teaching involved individuals and small groups. 

The latest small group of three sent their answers to 3 questions.  Their answers are consistent with other one-on-one clients on-line and in person.

  1. What new skills will benefit you now and in the future?  
    Knowing that there  are 2 styles of dining using knives and forks and that I know them both now….Learning that I don’t have to say anything or apologize if I don’t like a food….Learning  about napkins and the role of the host in starting and ending a meal …At business cocktail events I now know how to manage my  glass, plate, napkin all held in my left hand so that I can shake hands, give and receive business cards….How to always be friendly and wear a smile….How to meet and  welcome others….How to eat dessert with the dessert fork and spoon…. I know how to dine when I am a guest or a host.
  2. What dining skills will you want to practice to form as habits?  
    Definitely practicing the 2-step and the 4-step dining styles to avoid being confused! …. American, 4-step, as it is harder for me… Eating the efficient way, the 2-step Continental style.  Practice starting pleasant conversations at the table.  Practice watching the host for cues.

  3. How will learning etiquette skills help you in life?  
    Being seen as a pleasant person because of my good manners… I feel more refined after our classes and this has already made me feel more confident being around others when eating….I enjoyed learning to say,  “It is lovely,” if  ever pressured to comment on food I don't like….I will grow in social confidence…. Remembering how I felt when I didn’t know these things and now I will have compassion when I see others struggle…. The things that I’ve learned will help me in my professional life…. More comfortable socially.

Candace Smith did an amazing job communicating dinner etiquette skills to a large group of extremely grateful university and high school students.  As faculty who work closely with these students every day, we could see that our students were really concentrating and taking in these valuable lessons which we expect that they will maintain for a lifetime.  Candace clearly invested considerable time in preparing a perfect evening that showcased a variety of key life skills, and our students are already following her blog and social media to stay connected.  Our students are now equipped with the right skills and also mentality for all future business events.  We look forward to welcoming Candace back to campus again!   

Siri Terjesen
Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship Programs
Florida Atlantic University

“Best part of the entire day of networking and dining etiquette training?”  sampling of University of Alaska at Anchorage student feedback:

“Most enjoyed the details on how to hold the appetizer plate, glass and napkin in the one hand while meeting others and practicing while meeting other students . . . Very thoroughly taught and I have new skills that will definitely benefit me in the future . . . Teaching us how to socialize with other people while having food and drink in left hand ... The way Candace gave the seminar, her professionalism, sincerity . . . Grateful for such a great event to be offered by UAA, with so much knowledge and expertise to be shared . . . Timing was great, as summer internship interviews are soon . . . Learning how to use the silverware properly . . . Mingling with other students with appetizer and beverage in hand . . . I feel more confident using dining utensils . . . The chicken sauce was so good! . . . Learning where to put the knife and fork when I am finished eating . . . Just enjoyed the entire event and have a lot of new information regarding etiquette . . . The coursed lunch and the step-by-step explanation . . . How Candace was very welcoming, and this lesson on etiquette and dining—and I loved the food! . . . The networking tips and how you can welcome newcomers into conversations . . . I never thought about dining etiquette before . . . Feeling more comfortable that I know how to dine . . . The discussion about how to present yourself confidently . . . Learning how to manage the glass, plate and appetizers . . . All the details of the dining process regarding knives, forks, and spoons . . . The opportunity to learn etiquette and the great food to practice with . . . The best part--All of it! . . . Posturing yourself and making introductions . . . Learning the meal etiquette . . . I work in a high-end restaurant and these tips are also great for helping me to improve my service, along with my own dining etiquette . . . Learning why to never hold or lay the knife blade down with edge out . . . It was hard, but fun to learn how to balance the eating and drinking items in the left hand . . . The networking pieces! . . . Being able to get the chance to meet other students in the business program . . . This event was a great introduction to the world of professional etiquette . . . Candace’s wonderful instruction!”

College of Business and Public Policy, University of Alaska at Anchorage
Networking Essentials and Dining Etiquette Over Lunch Event, February 2020
Anchorage, Alaska

Candace joined my husband and me for my birthday and provided us excellent training on proper formal dining etiquette.  It was a wonderful time of learning how to best represent myself and to graciously communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, to the serving staff.  Candace's full range of knowledge and ability to set students new to the etiquette process at ease is truly appreciated. I'm inspired to continue my education on the subject.  Thank you so much, Candace!

Rachel Winn
Brea, CA

Candace is not just an etiquette expert.  She is an educator who brings the language of etiquette to life and connects it with education and economics.  She is the etiquette educator for all educators!  Candace was co-keynote speaker at our ACEE celebratory gala event this past weekend in Phoenix, speaking on Etiquette and Property Rights.

Elena Zee
President & CEO
Arizona Council on Economic Education

Candace Smith hosted our first-ever Business Etiquette Workshop (Fall, 2019) and it was an amazing learning experience! Our students had the chance to experience first-hand all the etiquette guidelines Candace highlighted.  She answered questions the attendees had and taught how to be graceful at business dining events.  This was a completely unique workshop as students got to learn how to carry themselves with elegance while still being professional.  We are honored to have had the chance to work with Candace and look forward to inviting her again for our yearly Business Etiquette Workshop.

Jasmeen Kaur, President
Finance and Economics Women's Club (FEW)
San Jose State University Chapter

The dinner gathering and event at friend, Sharon’s home was just what she and I had hoped for and thought about for so long.  We are so grateful that you led us through the small group preliminary and dining training.  All of us will use the skills you taught us for the rest of our lives, and be confident and proud doing so!  Thank you, Candace.

Lisa Fehmer
Seven Gables Real Estate
Orange, CA

“Best part of the entire evening of networking and dining etiquette training?”  sampling of Chapman University School of Pharmacy student feedback:

“Definitely learning different styles of dining! . . . Learning the use of the utensils and the way Candace is so open and honest with questions . . . Great part was to learn Continental dining style etiquette . . . The hands-on experience put lessons into actual real practice . . . Perfecting the handshake, holding napkin, plate, glass and networking with others . . . Loved that we could interact and have fun as we learned — thanks for answering all of our questions!. . . Learning what to do with all of the cutlery and utensils while dining, including when resting and closing out . . . Proper utensil use and other dining etiquette . . . Favorite was learning how to eat appetizers with a wine glass in hand and talk to others and feel comfortable . . . Learning proper etiquette — the entire process . . . It was all a good learning experience and I will definitely use these skills during my future professional and social encounters . . . Thank you — great teaching! . . . The distinct distinctions between American and Continental style dining . . . Meeting people and mingling as we held our plates, food and wine glass all at once . . . Your enthusiasm and the knowledge . . . I loved the whole event! . . . Learning the techniques that promote excellent dining etiquette for me on every occasion . . . Having questions answered as you went to each table and each person got attention . . . Eating finger foods while talking with others . . . Having questions answered and receiving feedback as we were eating . . . The proper way to do a handshake and introduce yourself . . . I really enjoyed learning about what professionals look out for — I feel more equipped now to act more professionally proper . . . The food! Learning how to eat dessert with a spoon and fork! . . . All the proper etiquette we learned . . . Using the left hand to hold everything during a networking event . . . Learning that I need to pace myself during dinner — this evening helped me to want to be more mindful of my behavior and others . . . I liked learning all of the techniques . . . This was a great way to learn and care about proper etiquette without being judged! . . . Banana fermented bread and potato balls was the best part! . . . Learning professionalism . . . Having fun while learning new things about networking and dining . . .”

Chapman University School of Pharmacy Students
Etiquette Dinner and Networking Event, 2019
Orange, California

Candace, thank you so much for once again sharing your time and wisdom with our staff members. I absolutely loved all of the information you shared and we walked away with a greater understanding of how important team norms are, and that we as a group do indeed have norms.  Also, after looking back through the many 3x5 cards filled with staff members thoughts, it was apparent that they appreciated taking time to reflect on the importance of connecting integrity with professionalism in the workplace.  It was a delight to spend time with you! Thank you for being so open and genuine with all of us and for continuing to help us grow as a team. We look forward to hosting you again here at the Center for Growth and Opportunity.

Erica Darley
HR Director
Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University

The trainings I look forward to the most every year are from Candace Smith. I've attended Candace's professional and student trainings for the last three years and, not only am I always impressed with her skill and grace, I learn something every time.

During her most recent visit, Candace held brunch etiquette and stand-up networking trainings with the groups I oversee. Her presentation style put students at ease and the format provided each individual an opportunity to ask questions, no matter how detailed or personalized. Candace truly has a talent for building others' confidence in a way that you don't find very often! Following each event, Candace sought feedback from all participants; she is clearly very committed to her preparation, execution, and continued improvement.

It is because of Candace's trainings that I feel comfortable sending our students to networking events, conferences, meetings with faculty and administrators, formal dinners, and into the world as representatives of our organization. Instead of being intimidated by such opportunities, our students now look forward to and embrace each social gathering - personal and professional - they're able to attend.

I cannot recommend Candace Smith Etiquette highly enough!

Madison Schmidt
Academic & Student Programs Manager
The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University

Hosting Candace Smith to conduct three workshops in dining etiquette, networking etiquette, and professionalism etiquette for the economics students at SUNY Purchase was a pleasure and privilege. She discussed the importance of etiquette, professionalism, and civility in society in a way that was relatable to our students.

The most wonderful thing about Candace’s workshops is that she creates an environment that is not intimidating for students confronted with formal settings etiquette for the first time. A majority of our students are first generation college students and were new to etiquette training. What I appreciated the most was that Candace never made a student feel they were doing something wrong, or brought attention to their mistakes, but instead gently guided the students towards the etiquette-ful way of doing the task.

One of the best parts of Candace’s workshops are on how to avoid faux pas. Candace makes it humorous but also treats these situations with kindness. She helped our students get over the initial awkwardness of making a mistake beautifully. She also gave wonderful ideas on civility and etiquette in a world with vibrant diversity – whether it is the sensitivity shown in using correct pronouns for the LGBTQ community or avoiding faux pas on pronouncing foreign names. Candace also really connected the broader ideas of etiquette and professionalism with economics and our daily interactions in society and the teachings of Adam Smith in the "Theory of Moral Sentiments."

She took the time to answer every single question, and also responded to some questions over email after the workshops were complete. She is a living embodiment of the professionalism and civility and etiquette knowledge that she imparts.

My students thought it was one of the best and most useful training sessions they have had in their university education, and I hope we have a chance to introduce more students to Candace’s workshops in the future.

Shruti Rajagopalan
State University of New York, Purchase College

Candace Smith held her second etiquette training for our staff at the Institute for Humane Studies.  In training, she discussed professionalism, civility, etiquette, and an understanding of how these concepts translate to human betterment for individuals and society.  Not only is Candace and expert on the topic of etiquette, as demonstrated by the many topics she has discussed on her website, but Candace masterfully tailors each training to the audience she is addressing.  For example, at The Institute for Humane Studies, many of our staff take the ideas of Adam Smith very seriously.  Candace was able to discuss etiquette and professionalism while tying in the philosophical arguments outlined in "The Theory of Moral Sentiments."  Candace carefully orchestrated the business lunch, so every detail was covered before the session.  During the meal, Candace was able to provide attention to each person in training and answer his or her concerns.  It is a pleasure working with Candace, and she does everything that she can to be customer focused.

Joshua Ammons
Learning and Development Manager
Institute for Humane Studies

Candace, thank you for presenting your outstanding Networking Essentials and Etiquette Dinner to the Cox Business Leadership Institute (BLI) students Thursday, September 13.  The students really enjoyed learning more about this important topic, and you have provided them skills that they can use for the rest of their personal and professional lives.  Thank you for investing in the next generation of world-changers.  It was an honor to host you, and we look forward to a possible repeat engagement.

Paula Strasser
MBA Business Leadership Center &
Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Institute
Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business

Dear Candace,

Thank you for another great training session in Dining Etiquette.  The third cohort of Chapman University School of Pharmacy, the Class of 2020 students, enjoyed the evening and appreciated your engaging and hands-on teaching style as this event becomes a valued annual not-to-be-missed tradition at CUSP.  Your method of delivery allows them to be fully immersed in the learning experience.  We appreciate your passion for keeping alive the lost art of etiquette and enlightening our future pharmacists to the relevance of managing themselves well in social and professional environments.  I am certain the training will pay dividends to participants later in their careers.

We are looking forward to working with you again soon on the Class of 2021.

Thanks again for your excellent work!


Ronald P. Jordan, R.Ph. FAPhA
Chapman University School of Pharmacy

Bringing Candace Smith to present and teach a group of MBAs (as well as several staff) was easily one of the best decisions our career office has made.  Her nuanced knowledge and personal desire to imbue the audience with more than simply the “rules” of etiquette ensured a successful event in learning how to network at stand up events and how to navigate a dining event successfully.

Our students and staff walked away from the evening with the confidence to more comfortably navigate social engagements which may otherwise have resulted in awkward moments with potential employers and/or future connections.
Candace has a unique capacity for putting you at ease and presenting the consummate model while simultaneously offering impactful critiques and, ultimately, upping your etiquette game.

Stacey Moynahan
Director, Career Services
Argyros School of Business and Economics
Chapman University

I had the pleasure of having Candace Smith come speak to my International Negotiations class, which is an elective course for my MBA program at Chapman University. Our coursework consists of casework that places us in various positions of business executives, foreign political stakeholders, and corporations where we must apply decision-making and communication skills that are appropriate to each culture.

Mrs. Smith's seminar complimented our curriculum beautifully as she covered general etiquette expectations from each region. This included sharing humorous but also relatable faux pas to avoid, how to properly shake someone's hand in a business environment, basic greetings, proper dining, gift giving traditions, body language, speaking skills, and sensitivity to religions and beliefs.

I highly recommend Mrs. Smith for any workshop to refine your etiquette skills. As a student about to enter the international workplace I found it incredibly useful to review my social skills needed for any professional setting from networking to negotiations and I feel confident in my ability to apply these tools. My biggest takeaway from this experience is to use etiquette as a instrument to respect different cultures and appreciate differences.

April Tran
Chapman University
MBA '18

Hosting Candace was a real privilege, and after a look at what she would lead our students through I knew they were in for an important but often overlooked lesson on how to present themselves, how to communicate, and how to respond to often-tacit social cues. I plan to incorporate some of the lessons she taught our students into some of the professional development work I do with students and faculty.

Art Carden
Associate Professor of Economics
Brock School of Business
Samford University

Candace Smith provided both etiquette and networking training sessions for our students in Samford University’s Brock School of Business. Students learned practical tips and techniques to use as they attend dinners, socials, or networking events with business professionals. Candace’s seminars added life-long value to the lives of our students. She engaged students in a way that captivated and engaged them throughout the presentations. We are truly grateful she was willing to share her time and talents with us.

Kathryn Boyd
Director of Professional Success
Brock School of Business

The etiquette workshop was a great learning experience for our graduate students.  It helped them develop the soft skills that make all of the difference for successful networking at events and receptions.  I have no doubt the confidence and knowledge gained will pay huge professional dividends for our students.

Cary Deck
Economics, Finance, Legal Studies
University of Alabama

Candace Smith helped me tremendously in an area that has always caused me anxiety: proper etiquette while in a social and dining environment. Being a professional in the hospitality industry, I am constantly working social and corporate events that require me to not only represent my position and the hotel I work for but to also lead my team to present the proper etiquette.  Candace was professional, inspiring and engaging. Aside from that, she had a very relaxed and humorous teaching style that I thought was great. She was able to capture the attention of the different types of students attending the class and I was very impressed with her ability to handle a younger and somewhat louder crowd. She was able to answer all questions that were thrown her way and created a welcoming environment that made you comfortable asking whatever question that came to mind.  While I thought I was doing okay with the personable skills that I already had, I quickly learned that I still had a lot of work to do. With Candace’s attention to detail, she politely was able to guide me to success.

I personally worked with Candace as the Manager of Event Services at my hotel that was to host the etiquette dinner for a client.  She was very pleasant to work with; she knew what she needed and was open minded to try a new style of training to make better use of our ballroom space. She is extremely detail oriented and being that way myself, I absolutely enjoyed working with her.
I have walked away from the class with new knowledge of where to put the knife while dining, how to utilize just my left hand while networking while keeping my right hand free, how to properly utilize the utensils provided for any type of meal, and knowing how to recover from an awkward and clumsy moment. There are so many useful tips that she taught me and the list goes on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Candace, you have truly helped me in not only my professional life but how to also strive in my everyday life with confidence. 
Alyssa Mize, Manager of Event Services
DoubleTree by Hilton Irvine Spectrum
Irvine, California

Candace Smith provided several trainings for our staff and student research fellows at the Center for Growth and Opportunity.  We asked Candace to conduct a staff training on Professionalism in a Shared Workspace.  She created a comfortable and purposeful setting for our staff to discuss important topics about our workspaces, our organization’s goals, and our roles.  The conversation has continued since the training with Candace.  We appreciate that Candace provided us with a framework and tools to discuss these critical topics.

Candace also conducted a cocktail hour/networking training and an etiquette dinner training for our staff and students.  In all trainings, Candace was well-prepared and thoughtful of the groups’ specific needs.  Her approach to etiquette training Is logical and approachable.  We are appreciative of the time Candace spent with our group!

Samantha (Burrows) Wright
Chief Operations Officer
Center for Growth and Opportunity at
Utah State University

I attended the Etiquette Luncheon with Candace Smith event this Fall at a Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Focused Friday event.  This was by far the best 
event I have ever attended at the Huntsman School in preparing Huntsman students for future business success.

Candace taught us how to be comfortable using utensils while dining and to have confidence in a networking setting.  I learned exactly how to eat certain foods and conduct myself in a professional manner while dining with colleagues.  

Since the dining etiquette training, I attended a Risk Management Superday interview with JP Morgan Chase & Co. in New York City.  As part of the event, I attended a networking luncheon with executives and leaders of the company.  This luncheon was very formal, including some of the classiest dishes I’ve ever experienced.  Because of the training I’d received from Candace, I had confidence in my abilities to eat what I was served while interacting with those around me. 

After the luncheon, the JP Morgan executive host at my table approached me to say that he was "impressed with my etiquette skills."  He said they seldom have students interviewing that show such ease and ability at the table.  The following Monday, I was offered the summer internship position with JP Morgan Chase.  

Scott Wilcox
President, Business Ambassadors
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Candace Smith conducted an excellent seminar on socializing at networking events for our entire staff that was both fun and useful.  Our team ranges in age from early twenties to early sixties and it is multicultural.  The workshop was appropriate for all.

Diane Kaplan
President, Rasmuson Foundation
Anchorage, Alaska

Candace was engaging, professional and a delight to listen to.  She spoke to our freshmen chapter of the National League of Young Men.  Candace offered practical skills on introductions, dining out and gave each boy a demonstration of the proper handshake.  She made an effort to find out what types of gatherings they had coming up, in order to participate confidently and be a gracious guest.  The Class of 2020 enjoyed her meeting and are prepared to make a good first impression!  Thank you Candace for creating a fun and interactive etiquette lesson that these members will take with them into young adulthood.

Carla Gilkerson
Protocol Chairman - Class of 2020
National League of Young Men

Candace Smith presents etiquette in an entirely gentle and logical manner.  I feel that etiquette can be intimidating for those who wish to learn the subject because we simply don’t know some of the rules that we feel we should know.  Candace, with good humor and patience, helped our students (and faculty) learn not just the basic rules of dining etiquette but also the reasons why those rules exist. To know that these rules of dining etiquette are built, not out of duty, but out of respect for our fellow diners makes them less superficial and more relatable.

Mark David Witte
Associate Professor of Economics
MBA Director
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC

Thank you so much for conducting the etiquette workshop with our first-generation college students during the Promising Futures Bridge Program.  In our student surveys, your workshop was one of the highest rated in the program and students had nothing but wonderful things to say! Your ability to take a formal subject and present it in such a relevant and engaging manner is nothing short of magical. The undergraduate students who participated to date still cite how helpful the workshop was in navigating the many networking events offered on and off campus.  Their growth in confidence at such events is a true testament to your methods. Your kind nature and high regard for the art of etiquette make for a wonderful presentation covering the intricacies of networking.  I look forward to having you work with our first-generation students again!

Crystal De La Riva
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center
Program Coordinator, Promising Futures Program
for First Generation College Students
Chapman University
Orange, California

Candace Smith has the ability to communicate etiquette knowledge to students and faculty whether you are a novice or a professional, she can add value to your program.  She has the ability to convey this important information in a guiding and congenial manner while impressing upon you why the information is important.

Peter T. Calcagno, Ph.D., Professor of Economics
Director, Center for Public Choice & Market Process
Department of Economics
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC

I never knew how etiquette is so important until I attended your dining training in Logan, Utah. Before the training, I thought of myself as a polite guest.  I was terribly mistaken!  But I learned that in the best way possible with Candace.  I relearned everything about etiquette at this training.  Not only did I really enjoy learning about how to improve my etiquette, I enjoyed the night and company more than anything else.  Candace made learning fun and exciting.  I thoroughly enjoyed her company and personality.  She created an environment that was most memorable.  We laughed and had some great conversations with not only each other but with the whole group.  While being a college student, I think this was one of the best experiences I could have asked for and will forever remember that special night with Candace. 

Thank you, Candace!

Rylee Marron
Programming Associate
Logan, Utah

Candace is an excellent etiquette teacher.  Etiquette has always seemed an intimidating topic to me, but her kind and gentle nature made it a pleasure to learn.
Calvin Blackwell
Professor, Chair
Department of Economics
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC

Candace was the consummate professional.  She came and taught our students displaying both grace and professionalism.  The majority of our students in the MMIS Program at Utah State University are international.  Candace was able to teach basic concepts that applied across many different cultures.  In addition, she was able to captivate the audience with her charm, teaching the concepts while maintaining a sense of humor.  Days after the event, I am still receiving thank you notes and compliments expressing how wonderful the session with Candace was.  She left such a lasting impression that we, as a school, would like to invite her yearly to replicate the successful event.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to have her interact with our students.

Lindi Brown
Program Director and Advisor
Master of Management and Information Systems
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University

Your educational etiquette class was incredibly helpful!  Now I will always “own the room" when I walk in because “I belong there.”  I have already been to a reception and used your helpful set up to hold everything in my left had while being able to network.  Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with the Market Process Scholars and also to teach us about etiquette in the workplace.

Liz Ward
College of Charleston, Class of 2018
Economics and Math Majors, Psychology Minor
Market Process Scholar

For the past few years our organization has had the distinct pleasure of having Candace Smith work with our staff in small group settings.  Candace's professional etiquette training has had a transformational impact on our professional staff and her approach to teaching has helped us strengthen the core commitments we share as part of our organizational culture.  Each individual that participated in the training sessions with Candace came away with a stronger commitment to live life with more grace and dignity--attributes that we think fall right to the bottom line of how we ultimately measure success within our organization.  In my experience, the power of the message that Candace has shared is not only embedded in the message she shares through her formal teaching but also in the quiet power of her example of living by principles of graciousness and mindfulness.  As an organization, and as individuals who have been forever changed by the experience of being in one of Candace Smith's learning sessions, we cherish our association with Candace, and look forward to her continued visits.

Chris Fawson
Board of Directors, Strata
Dr. Vernon Maughan Buehler and MaRee C Buehler Endowed Professor
Economics and Finance
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University

As an organization that employs a large number of young professionals, we were very excited to have Candace come and host a round table discussion on common etiquette questions that they had.  The insight and expertise she imparted were invaluable and highly educational.  It was a pleasure for us to hear her personal experiences as they related to the questions that were asked.
Later, it was our treat to have Candace work directly with a group of college students on some of the more basic etiquette tips for cocktail party socializing.  Without a lot of prior experience, the notion of "etiquette training" or "cocktail party socializing" could seem intimidating.  But like any great host, Candace's humble, upbeat, and informative approach dispelled any sense of anxiety or worry that the students had, and a number of the students reported that it was one of their favorite pieces of training they've received while in school.
Any business or organization that is looking to bolster the confidence of its employees with regards to etiquette training should seriously consider the high-quality, positive, and instructional approach that Candace provides.
Randy Simmons
President and Director of Research
Logan, Utah

Candace was a joy to work with!  She presented to our MBA students concentrating on first impressions, greetings, introductions, and network gathering events.  She has a relaxed, entertaining demeanor when she teaches, which isn’t really something you’d expect when talking about an ‘Etiquette’ professional.  The students enjoyed learning, and applied their lessons both during the class and during a mix and mingle later that night.  My hat’s off to Candace for connecting with the students and providing such a valuable lesson.
Col Steve A. Leftwich (USAF Ret)
MBA Career Program Manager
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University

Candace Smith is the best!  She won over our rowdy and boisterous group at our staff retreat with great presentation skills, charm, and a terrific sense of humor.  She clearly knows her subject and our team was engrossed in learning etiquette and how to raise our level of success in social situations.  Here's another bit of advice: I took my two teenage boys to a session with Candace and it worked wonders on their attitude toward social situations!

I'd recommend Candace Smith to any group or family interested in learning the rules of etiquette in an understandable and accessible way.

Dr. David Curry
CEO and President
Open Doors USA

Candace is graceful and poised in all types of presentations.  The professional etiquette training I attended this time was set in a round table fashion so that it could be a discussion, allowing the staff to share ideas and comments while Candace easily directed the conversation to cover professional greetings, lunch meetings, proper email and text communications and meetings.  The time Candace spends to discuss large to small situations was so helpful.

I left with ideas to improve my professional interaction both internally with colleagues as well as with external professional partners.

Rebecca Stowers
Director of Development
Logan, Utah

When I was searching for a new academic position this year, I met with Candace Smith to learn the etiquette guidelines which would prepare me for interacting in several settings, both formal and informal, including dining.  She helped me think about how to improve the way in which I approach colleagues, university authorities and donors during formal and informal meetings and gatherings.  I feel that all around, Candace has helped me to transmit a confident, reliable and clearer message of who I am and where I am going.

Hernan Daniel Bejarano
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Economic Science Institute
Chapman University

Candace Smith worked with our students to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to present themselves well.  She carefully tailored these trainings to the needs of our group.  As a result of her expertise, passion for the subject, and careful attention to detail, the students came away with a wealth of practical tips for use at receptions, dinners, meetings, and other professional events.  Thank you, Candace, for an enjoyable and productive experience.

Jayme Lemke
Associate Director of Academic & Student Programs and Senior Research Fellow
Mercatus Center at George Mason University

You can find the same confidence in social and business situations as these students.  Contact me to schedule an etiquette learning session for your company, group, or organization.

Candace Smith
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