Being Nice and Kind Engages
You as a Person

Being Nice to a New Coworker

Our friend and realtor in Colorado Springs shared in a challenging moment, “Being nice and showing kindness are definitely necessary for our sanity.”

When persons are described as both nice and kind, they act in ways that demonstrate consideration for others.  Though the two words are used interchangeably, in actuality they work differently on a person's self-perception of being rightly oriented in the world, in touch with appropriate judgment skills.  

The Difference Between Nice and Kind

“Nice” persons are pleasing, agreeable, even delightful, which keeps them open to social engagement.  "Kind" persons  take beneficent actions towards others and the actions are person and situation specific.  Niceness and kindness combine to define a benevolent person.

When a person gives up his seat for others, he can be described as either.  The act of kindness is also pleasing to oneself and the other and it is nice as it is within the framework of connection. 

There are moments when we are called to mindfulness and that motivate action. Need to break bad news to break to a good friend?  While the news will certainly be unpleasant, if the information will help your friend in the long run, then breaking the news is an act of kindness, even though it may not feel nice.  Pleasantries keep communication open but not every act need be pleasant.  

Etiquette-ful Actions for Being Nice and Kind

Here are some examples:

  • Imagine yourself in the situation of the other person to be able to sympathize with their needs. 
  • Let others finish what they are saying.  
  • Look for a positive in every negative situation.
  • Respond rather than react. 

Comfort and Confidence

Feeling good about yourself is important.  It means that you are the loving person you believe you are, inside and out.  Being nice and offering kindnesses to others takes hard work, especially as you have your own difficulties to face in life.  Yet, confidence will grow inside of the comfortable scenes you’re creating with others, and etiquette-ful practices are always there for you when you need them.  When you’re feeling a little down, think about a thank you note that you haven’t written or tidy up your personal space or work environment so that others feel welcome.  

Being nice and kind mark common sense and grounding.  Indeed, as my friend says, they are necessary for our sanity.

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