A Candace Smith Etiquette Thanksgiving

Thank You

Tradition sets aside this time of year to practice giving thanks, to gather people for dinner and get-togethers, and to acknowledge those who have and do contribute to our lives and well-being.

To you, the readers and subscribers of the weekly Etiquette Blog and bi-weekly Etiquette Entries: Thank you for your readership!  I appreciate your interest in considering – in small blog bites – the issues, concerns and possibilities for living an etiquette-ful life.  Thanks, too, for sending your many questions and suggestions for topics readers might enjoy.
Many of you have asked me how I can publish a new article every week.  Do I have a process? Do I accomplish it alone?  

Yes, process is important.  And appreciatively, I work with a behind-the-scenes person to bring these publications to you.  Both of us stand in the Quest for Civility in the modern world.  Our goal for each article is to answer current questions on table manners, social life, the work environment and more.  Our sincere hope is that each article leaves you inspired and challenged.

The CSE Process

Consistency is key in any production process and is definitely something for which I am grateful.  To give you a glimpse of how I remain consistent in producing new articles for you each week, this is my process:

  • Every two weeks I add ten possible topic questions to an ongoing list of etiquette topics and send them to my copy and website manager.  (This is where your etiquette questions and content requests come in handy!) 
  • A content calendar is created and an internal publishing schedule is prepared for The Etiquette Blog.
  • One week and one day before publications, I send the rough drafts for editing and publication preparation to my copy manager.
  • Every Friday, RSS subscribers receive notification of a new blog post.

This like-clockwork system has evolved to make sure Candace Smith ETIQUETTE readers are kept up-to-speed with timely topics that can help anyone who wants to incorporate civility into their “business of life.”

The Person Behind the Scene

Who is this mystery copy and website manager I work with?  May I introduce Cindi Cornelison.  Cindi manages the Candace Smith ETIQUETTE website and edits and packages the articles I share with you.

Cindi has been with Candace Smith ETIQUETTE from the get-go.  She is principled and big-project in kindness dedicated person.  Though I haven’t seen Cindi in person for over five years, she is a forever friend of the heart and mind.

Over the years, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve worked to learn what “etiquette-fulness” looks like in our personal and professional communication, and we operate out of a vision and mission-filled production process.
Thank you, Cindi, for your work, for your friendship.

Who Will You Thank This Thanksgiving?

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is.” 

~ Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea

It takes minimal thought to come up with at least one person who has touched your life in a positive way.  I’ll even wager you’ll think of many more than one!

This Thanksgiving season, and any season, try these suggestions for giving thanks in various ways: 

  • Honor the special people in your life with notes, cards, and other communications.
  • Take time to find ways to thank people who are core of your success. 
  • Think back upon the memories of your own past and discover places where you may have forgotten kindnesses and courtesies that others offered to you. 
  • Reach out with kindness and gratitude, whether it’s your students, coworkers, family members, your boss or the neighbor next door.

It’s never too soon or too late to show up with gratitude.  This is the one gift that actually needs no season.

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