Your First Stop to Learn More About the Rules of Etiquette

Curious to learn more about etiquette guidelines and how to apply them to your lifestyle?  Following is a list of article links that will launch you on a great start.

How to Introduce Yourself and Others

Five Uses of Dinner Napkins 

Social Media Posts that Win Friends

Managing Office Gossip

Leadership and Hosting are Analogous

What Your Grooming Habits Say About You

Using Email Etiquette for Positive Information Sharing

Are You Always Late?

Why You Should Aim for Stress-free Meals

Who Pays the Tab on a Date?

The Etiquette Rules of Texting

When Someone Presses an Insistent Viewpoint

Table Setting Etiquette

When You Need to Say, "I'm Sorry"

How to Write Thank-you Notes

Once you've read each article, think of how you might apply the guidelines and suggestions to your everyday life.  You might choose one per week to work with until it becomes habit.

When you're ready for more information . . .