Social Media has Evolved and
Etiquette Keeps Up

Social Media Breakfast Post

Social media has evolved over the years from one platform to several, including SnapChat, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Content and video sharing are now our new normal. Being on social media for many of us is a way of connecting with family and friends far and near and now encompasses various messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messenger, where users can communicate and share content privately or in groups.

Social media has become a crucial tool for individuals, businesses, and brands. Influencers are demonstrating new ways of creating online communities in marketing, emphasizing the increasing importance of these communication methods. Promotion in the digital world is a must.

Etiquette Has Evolved as Social Media has evolved

Etiquette-ful norms on social media always aim to assist individuals in regulating their own behavior to show up as recognizably respectful. Here are some checkpoint guidelines for us all in keeping up on social media.

  1. Always be one step ahead of your impulse to share something on social media. Give serious consideration to how your post might be perceived by others.

  2. Do not share offensive and controversial content. You risk alienating others.

  3. Engage in respectful discussions and if attacked, simply step out of that discussion.

  4. Everyone has different beliefs and opinions, and you don’t have to agree with those views in acknowledging the right to have them.

  5. Always focus on your tone. Re-read what you write and check for misinterpretation. Aim for friendly.

  6. Be generous in giving credit where credit is due. Respecting intellectual property is fundamental to good online etiquette.

  7. Be extra careful not to share the personal information of others. Ask others for permission to tag them.

  8. Make listening to others a priority.

  9. Respond to comments with respect and sincerity.

  10. If you accidentally accept a friendship and want out of any one-to-one conversation, kindly tell the other person.

Social media has evolved, and will continue to evolve, requiring new considerations for interacting with other people. Your good social media etiquette is your contribution in creating a positive online environment where healthy communication and connections can be made and kept.

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