Restart Your Best Self

Woman Looking in a Mirror

The decision to restart your best self can be made for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you’ve noticed you might be the person repeating unpleasant things, you don’t like the way you’re coming across to others, or you’d like to perk up your social media presence.

You might sense that you’re not being perceived as the person you want to be: cheerful, gracious, convivial, and respectful of others.  This can feel disappointing.

If you’ve already committed to living by the etiquette-ful code – operating on the principle of sympathy, kindness, and consideration for other people – try making the same commitment to yourself.  What might you do out of kindness for you?  This is a great place to begin when you want to restart your best self.

Find a Source of Inspiration

We all know someone with qualities we want to possess.  Consider those qualities and what your life would look like if you had them.  Perhaps you already do, you simply need to live them more externally.

The most admired people I can think of are friendly, considerate of others, engaging, good listeners, trustworthy, and confident.  They are comfortable being themselves and appreciate other people who have this same quality without judging them.

In your effort to restart your best self, refresh your memory by listing the people who have inspired you.  You might reach out to someone who has served as a source of inspiration and let them know of your gratitude.  

You might also look to a spiritual source of inspiration.  Spend time in meditation and prayer.  Ask for blessing of your renewal and give honest thought to what you most want for yourself.

Let Etiquette Help Restart Your Best Self

Once you have the inspiration for the kind of “best self” you want to be, put it into practice when you interact with others.  Especially if your interactions have been limited.

  • Friends or colleagues will enjoy a friendly note, reminding them of how much they mean to you.
  • Think about the neighbors and family members who haven’t recently heard your encouraging voice and write, call, or text them just to say hello.
  • Offer to schedule a friendly meet-up via teleconference.

Etiquette is your guide to showing your best self when spending time with other people.  Your conscious consideration will be appreciated by everyone and may create opportunities for deeper relationships.  

  • Let others go first in conversation.
  • Do not interrupt when someone is speaking, and quickly apologize if you do.
  • Notice if you’re talking too much about yourself and stop if you are.
  • Yield the right of way in conversation so everyone has a chance to speak.
  • Spare the feelings of others by speaking about subjects that aren’t delicate or intrusive or boastful.
  • Open the door for someone or signal that you wish someone to enter the room or go down an aisle before you.

Etiquette can work as a funnel to slow down thinking before speaking and acting.  It’s a great tool to help you manage your time and gives you the space you need to make the time you spend with others more enjoyable for everyone.  

Become a contagious source of cheer; restart your best self and live by example the ethics of everyday life.  Do this, and you will begin inspiring other people to do the same.

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