Overcome Negativity with Your Thoughts and Words


It's not as easy to overcome negativity as we would like to believe.  When faced with it on a regular basis, it can be quite debilitating to your spirit.  Think how you feel when you're having a great day and encounter a negative person.  It might be a coworker complaining about a customer, your boss who isn't happy with the report you wrote, or the cashier at the grocery who was rude to you.

Each of these instances can put a little dent in your otherwise sunny disposition.  Experiencing several in one day may even send you over the edge.

However, there is a weapon at your disposal to help you overcome negativity.  And it's all in your head.

What You Think About You Bring About

The thoughts you think and the words you say come from your greatest source of power - your mind.  This is the very reason that what you give primary thought to usually manifests itself in your life in some way.

It is said that negative thoughts do not hold as much power as positive thoughts, but the frequency with which you think negatively can determine your experience.  Thoughts that are based in fear, anger, sadness, frustration, and other low-energy emotions will lower your level of positivity and have you run the risk of creating a correlating situation.

It Begins with You

You determine your thoughts and feelings, therefore, you determine the amount of negativity you put out into the world.  It's important to remember that your words and attitude affect other people, too.

Some actions to consider that may help you be more positive are:

  • Consider your words carefully.  Whether you are speaking to yourself or someone else, keep your words kind and respectful.  Train yourself to default to the positive.
  • Avoid speaking ill of someone.  Including yourself.  Even as a joke, the "I'm so stupid," or "Gosh, I'm having a really bad hair day," comments will add up and, on some level, you may begin to believe them.  Is that how you would treat a friend?
  • Surround yourself with positive people.  Sure, everyone has a bad day here and there and may need a friend to vent to.  But overall, the people you spend time with should have a positive outlook or else you run the risk of being dragged down emotionally.  Don't let yourself be taken in by an energy vampire.

One way to overcome negativity is to challenge yourself to go a day without it.  Pay attention to the thoughts you have and if something negative creeps in, change it.  Smile at yourself in the mirror and say, "I love you."  Or you might switch immediately to a thought of a loved one, or imagine yourself relaxing on a beach.  As hokey as these thought-switching suggestions may seem, they actually do work.  And if you meet your challenge and avoid negativity for a day, give yourself a treat.  You've earned it!

Put it on Repeat

If you find a phrase or sentence that is meaningful to you and lifts your spirits, write it down and say it often.  Many people find that mantras and affirmations are key in the challenge to overcome negativity.

You might consider using an affirmation as a screen saver or place it on the home screen of your phone or other devices.  Write them on sticky notes and place them on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedside table.  Anywhere you will see them often.

We can't control the level of negativity coming from other people, but we can combat that energy with our own positivity.  Your thoughts and words are completely in your control.  Choose them wisely.

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