Making Memories in the New Year

Making a Connection

Memories hold the key to time, and as social creatures, our interactions with others are at the core of making memories. They bind the past and the present together, giving us a sense of continuity and connection with each other and thence purpose.

The attitudes we hold determine how things will be remembered. Though we can’t determine what we remember, we can at least influence our attitudes. Choosing a positive attitude will take center stage in assessing how the past and present connect.

“We didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun.”
~ A.A. Milne

It Begins with Respect

It takes self-respect to confidently interact with others. The dynamic of knowing who you are, feeling a sense of belonging and competence, and being self-assured in your abilities serves to model the respect given to others, and is noticed by others in the good manners we display. The image of how you are perceived is how you are remembered.

A New Year always holds a promise of the possibilities of a new, refreshed, etiquette-ful you.
Taking an assessment of the ways you remember to show up recognizably respectful in your behaviors provides a measure of where you think you stand and want to stand going forward.

  • Am I courteous to every person?
  • How can I be more tactful; more respectful when there is disagreement?
  • Do I show personal restraint in word and deed?
  • Do I take personal responsibility for my role in everything I do?

“Etiquette comes not from lifting your pinkie; rather, from lifting others’ spirits.”
~ Tom Bell

Making Memories Through Connections

Etiquette’s inspiration is always about connecting with others and acting in ways that help them feel welcome and accepted. The only way to create a genuine connection is by being present in body, mind and spirit.

When you are multi-tasking, distracted, or participating in an activity or conversation but are not fully present, people feel it. As someone once said, “The loneliest feeling comes from being with someone who isn’t really there.”

Making memories that are looked upon fondly and heart-warming require you to be there. Check your presence by asking:

  • Am I mindful of where I am and who I’m with?
  • Do I have an awareness of what is socially acceptable?
  • Am I acting with kindness regardless of how I might feel?
  • Am I committed to personal responsibility and civility?
  • Am I really listening that I may better understand?

Take every opportunity to practice the etiquette of being present. When you can master the skill in not-so-important moments, you can be assured of mastering it when the moment counts.

Look for these etiquette-ful opportunities during:

  • Personal greetings, introductions, and kind conversation.
  • Dining skills and socializing when food is involved.
  • In any conversation.
  • In respect of personal space.
  • Inviting, including, and thanking others.
  • Admitting quickly when I am in error or wrong.

Etiquette will assist in finding ways to be kind in the new year. In fact, etiquette is the outcome of kindness, wisdom, common sense, and seeking win-win situations. Choosing to be etiquette-ful will create many meaningful memory moments in 2023 and in years to come.

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