Living with Intention
is Etiquette-ful

Young Woman Sitting on Steps

Leading by example fosters the desire to be your best and calls for living with intention to model the behavior you’d like to see in others.    

This lines up perfectly with the ways we show up recognizably respectful to ourselves and others.  At the core of etiquette are the principles of good manners: kindness, courtesy, tact, restraint, self-command and responsibility. 

Etiquette is both mannerly and ethical, and the daily practice of awareness and intentionality in our actions with others, wherever we are, is paramount.  Living in integrity is the benefit.

Being the Best You Can Be

Living with intention requires a commitment made to yourself.  The result is consistent, purposeful action.  The aim of being etiquette-ful offers the guide at the margins of life, giving you opportunities to tweak yourself as you go.  

You are a learner and live for the purpose of learning where to go in life’s adventure--into the next here and now.  

Recommended tips helpful in living etiquette-fully intentional:

  • Make daily lists of things to accomplish. 
  • Set a daily priority goal of showing up intentional and etiquette-ful.
    “Today I will consciously aim to demonstrate kindness three times.”
    “I will start a friendly conversation with my new coworker.”
    “I will introduce myself to three new people at church tomorrow.”   
  • Become more self-aware by getting to know yourself better.  Think about recent situations where intentional etiquette could have yielded better, or more friendly, results. How would you change your actions or reactions to be more etiquette-ful? 

Living with Intention in Uncertain Times

Feeling anxious and uncertain about world events or feeling unhappy about how things are going elsewhere, knowing you have no control over these events, can lead to frustration, sadness, and anger. 

When we witness pain in other people, we wish we could fix the hurt.  Even though we can’t control the thoughts or behaviors of others, we can control how we react to them.  It may be as simple as visualizing that things are better, sending out good thoughts and prayers, or contributing or volunteering with an organization that is taking action on a situation. 

Making these actions an intended priority each day can help us obtain a more positive perspective on something that feels uncontrollable.

Where to Start?

What’s right in front of you, right now?  An upcoming meeting?  A dinner or gathering that you’re nervous about?  News that is upsetting to you? 

Write down your intentions for dealing with your situation.  Prepare yourself for various scenarios that may happen in your meeting.  Write down a few general conversation topics and tuck the list in a pocket so you feel better prepared for your dinner or gathering or meeting.    

Living with intention helps create quality time together with others and allow you to feel focused and productive.  And, simultaneously provides a shining example to other people of how purposeful, etiquette-ful living can bring positivity to our world.

“Live with intention.  Walk to the edge.  Listen hard.  Practice regret.  Appreciate your friends.  Continue to Learn.  Do what you love.  Live as if this is all there is.”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

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