Living Your Business Brand

Business Brand

In an interview I was asked, “What’s one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?”  My answer was, “Living your brand.”

Ideally, when you’re “living their brand,” you are consistent in:

  • Expressing and personally living by the principles inherent in the brand, such as integrity, honesty, and authenticity as implied by client trust based in their experience. 
  • Making conscious personal choices that align with the business brand demonstrating belief in what the company offers others.
  • Desiring to make an authentic connection with those served and building credibility.

Etiquette-fulness Requires Humility

Though the word “etiquette-ful” hasn’t been used enough to be included yet in dictionaries, it is a useful description referencing behaviors individuals could consistently choose to represent their intentions of displaying kindness, respect, consideration, and politeness.  We remember that we will never be perfect and must be prepared to readily admit our errors along the way.

Living your Business Brand Etiquette-fully

Businesses, like people, grow and evolve.  Your business brand will likely look different ten years from now than it does today.  But that is one mark of a successful business.

Help keep yourself and your business on an upward trajectory by:

  • Seeking feedback and putting it into action.
  • Practicing self-reflection mindfully.
  • Embracing an attitude of gratitude.
  • Being open to new possibilities.
  • Putting yourself in another person’s shoes.

Reminding ourselves that these actions are worth turning into personal habits that improve our lives and the businesses we own or work for is a good habit to employ.

It’s a Lifelong Process

Admittedly, it’s difficult to learn and self-correct as we go along our life’s path.  We set ourselves in a comfortable routine or process which can sometimes keep us meeting challenges head-on.  Instead, we have to be dragged out of our comfort zone to address them.

You might try addressing challenges on a regular basis, making this a part of your business process.  Set up a meeting for yourself and the appropriate people in your business to review your business brand and how it is represented by everyone involved in your company.   Consider the following:

  • Does the company and the individuals involved in it maintain a positive social media presence?
  • Is the level of workplace professionalism representative of your business brand?
  • Are you and leaders in your business setting an etiquette-ful example?  Are you encouraging ideas, open communication, and acknowledgment of good work, or do you tolerate toxicity?

Consistent assessment is a must in order to know how you and others perceive your business and whether or not it remains in integrity with your business brand.

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