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The Etiquette Blog is celebrating big today! It’s our 500th weekly blog post. Straightaway, I want to thank my copy editor and website manager, Cindi Cornelison, without whose help the weekly visits and explorations of etiquette-fulness with you, our readers, would not be feasible. Her dedication to this project is so appreciated.

The Etiquette Blog is designed as a personal, social, and professional curriculum for success. Dedicated to the Quest for Civility in the modern world, each article informs and educates on topics related to being successful in life and work. My goal each week is to provide a “bite-sized” etiquette class that you can apply in your everyday experience.

The term "etiquette rules" may give the impression of a set of rigid guidelines, but they are actually situational and relational. They are a reliable personal assistant in living the "business of life" with kindness and civility.

Our lifestyles change as cultures and technology evolve, and etiquette guidelines change right along with us. Formality may have taken a back seat to casual dining and relaxed dress codes, but the expectations of properly using tableware, interacting with other people in a civil manner, and maintaining integrity are alive and well.

As a body of "how-to" practices, tapping into etiquette guidelines helps you navigate any situation graciously, including new situations. Etiquette calls for us to consider the other people in our presence and show deference to their point of view when appropriate.

Remembering to ask yourself, “What is it like to be on the other side of me?” will help you call on consideration during interactions with others. Discovering how the mindfulness of etiquette applies to you will bring confidence whether you are meeting someone new, hosting an event, speaking up at a virtual gathering, or dining at home with your family.

We never know what each day will bring or who we may encounter along our journey. Learning and practicing etiquette rules, adopting a personal policy to maintain civility, and leading by example with your words and actions will keep you on a positive path.

“Celebrations infuse life with passion and purpose. They summon the human spirit.”

~ Terrence E. Deal

This is why today’s post is to celebrate you, our readers, as knowing that you are here brings great motivation to continue thinking about and writing about the various methods of being polite, considerate and kind. Your questions, anecdotes, and enthusiasm are what keeps this blog going.

For 500 weeks now, I’ve written articles in hopes of inspiring all of us to put in the work of getting along and being our best. I look forward to continuing this adventure with you. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Cheers to inspiring atmospheres of respect, appreciation, personal growth, and shared joy!

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