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Practicing Etiquette While Using Taxi Services

Taxi services help you get where you're going. Practicing courtesy and kindness will ensure you always enjoy a smooth ride.

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Easing Cultural Differences

When people from different countries interact, it’s the little moments that call for open-mindedness, patience and pause. This is what etiquette can do for us - ease those cultural differences.

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Observing Theatre Etiquette When Attending Performances

With so much care, pride, and traditions tied to our theatres, we should also consider observing theatre etiquette when visiting them.

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When to Stand and Greet Someone

Traditionally, when someone enters a room, the people already in the room stand and greet the newcomer. It is a respectful and welcoming gesture signaling acknowledgment of that person.

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How to Be a Team Player in Today's Workplace

The word "team" is used often in many company cultures. What does it mean to be a team player in today's workplace?

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How Parents Can Teach Gratitude

When parents teach gratitude, and the art of expressing it, they continue a tradition of giving and receiving in its most sacred form.

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How Dining Rules Keep You Under the Radar

Dining rules are a bundle of civility skills pertaining to sharing a meal with others. They are your ticket to increased confidence and the ability to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Following Everyday Etiquette Rules

If doing the right thing is what everyday etiquette is all about, then we should aim for more awareness. Courtesy and manners are, at their essence, forms of awareness.

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What to Do When You Overhear Conversations

You may or may not want to overhear conversations between other people. But even when you have no intention of listening, it's easy to become drawn in, especially if you have an opinion on the topic.

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Using Etiquette in a Shared Workspace

In a shared workspace, tact, courtesy, and sensitivity to the needs of your coworkers are most important in creating an overall environment of productivity and accomplishment.

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Dating Etiquette

With all of the ups and downs of meeting a potential mate, these dating etiquette guidelines can help put you at ease.

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Meeting a VIP and Making it a Meaningful Encounter

Whether you meet a VIP in public, or in a controlled situation such as an event, a lecture, or intimate gathering, if meeting this person is important to you, etiquette can guide you.

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My Top 5 Etiquette Tips

Being intentional with your actions makes it easier to see the value of good manners. Here are my top etiquette tips that will help you become more intentional in showing courtesy and kindness.

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When Public Displays of Affection Become Disrespectful

Displays of affection are expected when you're in love. But how much is too much when you're in the public eye?

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Giving a Compliment that Makes Someone's Day

There is an art to giving a compliment that makes someone truly feel good. It is given with no ulterior motive, with respect, and expecting nothing in return.

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When Gossiping Relatives Gather

Gossiping relatives don't intend to be hurtful, most of the time they simply get caught up in the feeling of comfort and confidence that comes from being surrounded by others who love and accept them.

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How Unitasking and Etiquette are Related

Unitasking keeps you focused and attentive to what is happening in a given moment. And in that moment, when your focus and attention help cultivate courtesy and kindness, the world is a better place.

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When You're Unknowingly Added to Social Media Groups

Social media groups are a great way to segment friends and acquaintances who share a like interest. But if you find yourself added to a group without your permission, it can be a little off-putting.

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Courtesy Matters More than Perception

Remaining in a courteous frame of mind can keep situations at a respectful level, and can even help change your perspective.

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Dealing with an Uncomfortable Subject

When someone brings up an uncomfortable subject in conversation, your first instinct is to run. Here are suggestions for staying in the conversation and dealing with the issue head on.

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