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Giving a Compliment that Makes Someone's Day

There is an art to giving a compliment that makes someone truly feel good. It is given with no ulterior motive, with respect, and expecting nothing in return.

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When Gossiping Relatives Gather

Gossiping relatives don't intend to be hurtful, most of the time they simply get caught up in the feeling of comfort and confidence that comes from being surrounded by others who love and accept them.

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How Unitasking and Etiquette are Related

Unitasking keeps you focused and attentive to what is happening in a given moment. And in that moment, when your focus and attention help cultivate courtesy and kindness, the world is a better place.

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When You're Unknowingly Added to Social Media Groups

Social media groups are a great way to segment friends and acquaintances who share a like interest. But if you find yourself added to a group without your permission, it can be a little off-putting.

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Courtesy Matters More than Perception

Remaining in a courteous frame of mind can keep situations at a respectful level, and can even help change your perspective.

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Dealing with an Uncomfortable Subject

When someone brings up an uncomfortable subject in conversation, your first instinct is to run. Here are suggestions for staying in the conversation and dealing with the issue head on.

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Getting a Word in Edgewise

How do you get a word in when someone is monopolizing the conversation? Here is a 3-step maneuver to break in while remaining within mannerly boundaries.

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Etiquette at the Museum

When you visit museums, you will encounter guidelines that not only keep you mindful of other people, but also mindful of the treasures displayed there.

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Nursing a Broken Heart

A broken heart can feel as if it will never mend. Though your life is always different after a relationship ends, it's not over. Here are etiquette-ful suggestions for moving on.

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The Problem with "No Problem"

Instead of "no problem," letting someone know he is welcome, or that it was your pleasure to show a kindness keeps an exchange of gratitude positive and leaves room for nothing but good will.

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Common Annoying Speech Habits

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, but only remembered the annoying speech habits? Habits such as uptalk, growling, and overuse of the word "like" are common, and very distracting.

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Selfie Etiquette

Taking a selfie is a great way to commemorate a fun or special moment. Here are guidelines for keeping it fun, without being disruptive to people around you.

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When Etiquette and Manners Join Forces

The words "etiquette" and "manners" entwine. However, each of them have a different effect when used. Let's explore this difference, and also what happens when they join forces.

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Are You Polite to Telemarketers and Solicitors?

Interruptions from telemarketers and solicitors can send you into a tirade! But in an effort to always remain civil, here are suggestions for dealing with them in a calmer manner.

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Correcting Someone Who Calls You the Wrong Name

When someone calls you the wrong name, you should correct him or her. Keeping in mind it may be an honest mistake, there are etiquette-ful techniques for the first, second, or third time it happens.

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Work Interruptions: When a “Quick Hello” Turns into a Long Chat

Work interruptions like an exchange of pleasantries provide enough casual contact to keep your day moving forward. But how do you handle the interruption that feels more like an invasion?

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Do You Wear Too Much Perfume?

Do you know if you're wearing too much perfume? Learn how to find your perfect scent, and how to wear the perfect amount of it in this article.

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Preparing for a Job Interview

A job interview is your time to shine! Make the most of it by showing your knowledge, confidence, and etiquette skills.

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How to Introduce Yourself and Others

Knowing how to introduce yourself and others will ensure that you make a great impression wherever you go. Learn tips and guidelines for making introductions here.

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Handling Negative Criticism

It's easy to feel out of control when negative criticism comes your way. You're caught off-guard, feel judged, and take it personally. Here are some guidelines to help you save face.

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