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Preparing for a Job Interview

A job interview is your time to shine! Make the most of it by showing your knowledge, confidence, and etiquette skills.

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How to Introduce Yourself and Others

Knowing how to introduce yourself and others will ensure that you make a great impression wherever you go. Learn tips and guidelines for making introductions here.

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Handling Negative Criticism

It's easy to feel out of control when negative criticism comes your way. You're caught off-guard, feel judged, and take it personally. Here are some guidelines to help you save face.

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Loud Parties: Fun for Some, a Nuisance for Others

If you throw loud parties, there is no better time to consider etiquette. Being in good standing with your neighbors prevents discord, especially if you tend to cross a line once in awhile.

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How to Take a Compliment

Compliments are an expression of our basic human need to be recognized. They are a great reminder of your worth, and you deserve to receive them.

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Do Tattoos Make You Forget Your Manners?

Tattoos often elicit comments from people. Whether complimentary, insulting, or somewhere in between, there is something about art on skin that makes people say the darndest things!

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What Your Grooming Habits Say About You

Good grooming isn't optional. While high standards of hygiene typically go unnoticed, you will certainly stand out in the crowd if those standards are not up to par.

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Manly or Scruffy? What's Your Beard Style?

Whether you're described as having a beard, or scruffy facial hair, depends on how you wear it. Neat and clean doesn't have to get out of hand just because you want a manly look.

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Does Being Polite Mean Being Insincere?

Most of us were taught that being polite is the primary path to social acceptance. But when politeness is not genuine, its insincerity does not go unnoticed!

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Keeping a Friendly Touch Friendly

A friendly touch is a good thing. Keeping it appropriate, especially when making a first impression, is also important.

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Are You Always Late?

If being on time means you prioritize correctly, what does it mean when you are always late? Harnessing the importance of the things you do is one key to getting them done in a timely manner.

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Standing Up to Social Pressure

Social pressure tempts you away from your real self. Learn to recognize this temptation, know what you stand for, and maintain respect for yourself and others.

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Business Card Etiquette

When you employ appropriate business card etiquette, not only is your card put to valuable use, you are remembered in a most positive way. This is networking at its best!

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How to Handle Your Handbag

How you handle your handbag says a lot about you. Not only your personality, but also your good manners.

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When You're Called by the Wrong Name

Has someone addressed you by the wrong name? It's frustrating, and may be a little embarrassing if you're unsure how to handle the situation.

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How Etiquette Alleviates Negativity

Having systems of etiquette in place overshadow the negativity "out there." When you are positive and etiquette-ful, there is simply no room for negative thoughts, attitudes, or actions.

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How to Use a Finger Bowl

A finger bowl is served at formal dinners, or if the course before it was a little messy. It's a bit rare in our modern times, but adds a special touch to a meal.

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Telephone Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

Regardless of the type of telephone used, voice communication is still a necessity in our modern world. But if your voice isn't clear, information is misunderstood - or not understood at all.

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Are You Too Personal When Talking to Strangers?

If you are friendly and chatty, you may also be getting a little too personal with people you've just met. Learn how to pace yourself in conversations with strangers and new acquaintances.

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How to Deal with a Nuisance

A person who’s become a nuisance can be a sore spot in your day. Read on for tips to avoid the anxiety and etiquette dilemmas such a person can bring to your world.

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